Summer Provides

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction.


1. Authors Note

Hey guys! I would just like to put out there that this is my first fan fiction and I am no expert! I just got bored one day so I decided to create an account and write a little something haha. However this turns out to be I hope you like it! x

Also I hope you don't mind but I will be posting photos when describing things eg. Outfits and Makeup ect. just to let you know because I like it when I read a fan fiction and they have photos of what they are describing. But then i guess it comes down to personal preference but I thought I would add them in anyway just in case you are one of those people. As I said above, however this fan fiction goes I hope you enjoy it! xx

Haha another also, I apologise if some of my chapters are really short while others are quite long. I haven't quite gotten the idea on how to write them. x

Haha wow! Another also. If you can I would recommend reading this on and just type up Summer Provides and this should be there. Sometimes these tend to go a little bit funny. I have checked on my phone and it has gone all funny so yeah I would recommend reading online it is just so much easier! x

Please ignore how it says Niall Tommo as the author on the cover, I have just recently changed my name to Charlotte Horan. Enjoy! x

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