1. School (a.k.a torture)

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* ugh! I slam on my alarm clock down until it shuts up. "Daysee, sweetie, wake up," my mum says. "Okay," I grumble. I throw on some vans, a floral crop top, high wasted shorts, and a lot of charm braclets. I fishtail braid my hair and brush my teeth. I put on eyeliner and mascara. What phone case would match with my outfit? I think. "Daysee. Hurry up, mum says if we miss the bus again you have to drive me to school," my annoying brother Ray. "Okay I'm coming," I shout. I grab my "Every brunette needs a blonde best friend" case. I walk down stairs and grab my backpack. BEEP! "The bus is here Daysee," my mum says. "Okay love you bye," I say. I get on the bus and sit with my friend Izebylla. It's pernounce Isabella but her parents thought it was "unique." "Hey Day," she says. "Hi. Wait is it "hi" or "hey"?" I ask. " Lol," Izebylla says. "So, you excited for the first day of school junior?" Izebylla asks. "Yes. How about you junior?" I ask. She bursts out laughing. I take out my phone and look on the schools website where I can see all my classes. "Cool I have Miss Cardozca, Mr. Mou, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Owen, Miss Jarel, Mr. Gomez, and Mrs. Boswell," I say. "Me too, except I have Miss Right instead of Mrs.Boswell," Izebylla says. The bus stops in front of the school and the students all get out. Izebylla and I walk to our lockers and put our things in. Then, we walk to the sign up sheets. "Hey Daysee and Izebylla," Jaydon says. "Hey Jay," I say. We talk for a while and then walk to class. When we sit down Miss Cardozca takes attendance and makes us introduce ourself. "Hello I am Brittany and I want to be famous for writing and being an expert in myths," Brittany says. The whole class starts to laugh. Brittany's lip starts to quiver and Brittany runs out of the room. "Brittany wait," I call.

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