Nico just wants someone to be there for him, but he soon realized that this will never happen. Once he realizes this, he runs away and finds refuge at a boarding school.


1. Prologue

I don't want to say I hate Percy. Or Jason. Or even Will. I just can't be with them and feel excepted. I know Jason treats me as a little brother, but I think it's out of guilt. He was there when I forced to say I used to like Percy, and ever since then he has been treating me differently. I'm no longer the emo kid who hates everyone; I'm now the gay emo kid who hates everyone. I hate it.

Percy is even worse. I don't know why I had to open my big mouth and tell him I used to like him. I don't care if Annabeth gave me a high five, now whenever I look at Percy, he shrinks away. I'm so stupid! I hate myself so much. I've ruined myself.

And now there is Will. I can't believe I ever decided to become friends with him. Whenever we're alone, he'll make suggestive comments, and it freaks me out. Why can't I just have a normal friend? I'll take anyone! Anyone!

Right now I'm in my coffin of a bed, hiding from everyone. I think Hazel knows something is wrong, but she doesn't let on. Besides Hazel, nobody cares. Why am I repealed from everyone? It's not like I'm a killer. I just want someone to hold me and comfort me. Someone to tell me it's okay and that I have at least one friend. But I know that will never happen because I'm a son of Hades, the god who is isolated from everyone. Father like son, I guess. I just wish I could curl up into a ball and disappear. I wish . . . I could feel something instead of sadness. Even if it doesn't last. At least I'll be able to get a small little taste.

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