My Crazy Life

Chloe's life was like any other girl but that's when everything changed. Now that her mom is being transferred to Australia Chloe has to start over some where new how will Chloe live her crazy life.


1. everything changed

My life was pretty normal before everything changed I had amazing friend, a fantastic boyfriend, I guess I was popular and this would be hard to believe but I loved school I was a A student everything was great until that day happened. The day that everything changed.

That day I was sitting where I always sit during lunch in the language hall with my best friend Maddy. We where just sitting there eating and listening to our favourite bands such as fall out boy, all time low you know that stuff and then I get a text from my boy friend Dylan it said "hey Chloe come to cafe I need to talk to you about something" at first I was wondering what he needed to talk about but it's probably about how I told him that I love him and that he is going to say it back. So I took the earphone out of my ear and told Maddy that I had to go talk to Dylan she replied with a "oh lala" I gave her a glare and walked off.

I got to the cafe and couldn't find Dylan at first then I saw him sitting alone at the back table. When I walked up to him I said "hey" and leaned in to kiss him but he just told me to sit down so I did and started to get worried. When he started talking, my worried ness went from that to I felt like I was going to die when he said "I think we should break up" I started balling right then and there. "Is this because I told you I loved you" I shouted "keep it down everyone is staring" he said back in a whisper. That made me so mad that I shouted even louder "I don't give a shit now answer my question" "maybe" he said quietly. At that point I ran out of the cafe in tears I can't believe that just happened I just lost a guy that I loved. I couldn't even bare to go to the rest of my classes so I just went home.

When I got home I just went to sleep hoping I could just sleep the pain away and that when I woke up it would be gone and it would have been all a dream. About three hours later I woke up and I still felt like shit how stupid could I be to think I could sleep it away. I looked at my phone and it was spammed with messages from Maddy I just ignored her because I wasn't in the mood to talk and then my mom walked in. "Hi honey how was school today" she asked "good" I said but was lying. " ok so I have to tell you something but please don't be mad" she said in a worries voice. what else could happen today that would make my day even worse then it already Is but it turned out that it turned out to be even worse then I imagined when my mom said "I got a job transfer and we are going to have to move to Australia". all I did was scream and ran up to my room just great first I loose my boy friend and now I'm going to loose all my friends and my school everything was changing.

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