To love or to be loved

Liam James Payne rebelled against everything his whole life, even his manager. Eva Ann Harper was always good she listens to what she's told, she is quiet and reads most of her day. When she meets Liam she can't stand him, he can't stand her. " he's do hard headed and rude." "She's reads to much, she needs to learn to live a little" but what happens when she gets the job of her life but with the person he hates most in life?


1. chapter one

Eva's pov:

"Hello, just take a seat and we will get you right into modest to talk about everything." "Okay, thanks." I take a seat on the bench smiling to myself, I have been dreaming about this job since I was little. I get to dance and work with the biggest boy band In the world right now, ONE DIRECTION,I remember when I was ten I would have my little brother sing, and I would be his back up dancer and help him with things. I guess that's what it's gonna be like now, not that it's at all a bad thing, but you know what I mean? " I told you I will not listen to you many times before, don't you get that you own the band not my body!" I look up at the one and only LIAM.....JAMES....PAYNE.

just saying his name makes my skin crawl, I heard he's nothing but trouble, and all of the people that work for him quit because they can't handle him. He's always throwing things when he's mad, pushing workers into walks because there in his way, he's out of control with the drinking. It makes you stop and think "wow" how can someone with such a amazing talent and skill and good looks act like this? " what are you looking at!?" Liam snaps at me I look him in the eyes he light brown eyes trying to brake me but I won't let him. I stand up glaring "don't talk to me like that Liam, I won't put up with your shit. And your not gonna get me to leave" he smirks " is this a challenge love? Because I always win." "Not this time you won't" "we will see"

"Um if you two are done here Eva we need you to come in and go over paper work, I'm glad to know you stand your ground with Liam." I smile and nod walking with her. " He's like a kid you get let them push you around or they will never learn to get over them selves, and what they thing is right." I look back at Liam to see a shit eating grin on his face as he walks away. should I be scared of what he might do? i mean what would he do? "So now that you have talked to the trouble of the group are you still interested in this job?" "Yes, I can handle him, I might even be able to fix him up." "That would be amazing, impossible ..but amazing."

"I Have finished filling the paper work out, what would you like me to do with it?" She smiles " I will take this and make a copy, and I will get your copy by tomorrow." I nod "when do I start?" "When your ready, but tonight is there night off, so I would go get to know the boys a little." "okay thanks again." she nods going back to her work I sigh it's all done I made it mom. I walk out of the office and to the guys hotel, knocking on there door I hold my ID and pass saying I'm new and work for them. I'm greeted by a laughing Liam, shame he's so rude he's such a good looking guy. his smiles pulls you in. the way he's eyes make him look like a puppy when he pouts, the perfect amount of facial hair, the perfect hair. his dimples, the crinkles my his eyes when he smiles, his arms, legs, just stunning. his lips look so soft and full, his bottom lip a little bigger than his upper lip but it Doesn't matter it fits him. his voice is amazing too.

"What are you doing here?" I roll my eyes as soon as he opens his mouth I'm back to hating him. "I work for you guys, I was told to come and get to know the boys." he chuckles letting me in "fresh meat guys!" I step in the room catching the eyes of four boys. I smile waving, "hi I'm Eva." the blond boy smiles walking to me "hi, I'm niall horan" I smile going to shake his hand but he pulls me in for a hug and let's me go. His voice is so laid back I'm guessing he's the irish one. "hi, I'm zayn malik, I would shake your hand but I have paint on my hands." he smiles big at me I nod "it's fine zayn." "Im Louis Tomlinson" "I'm harry styles" they yell together I laugh softly getting a group hug from them Louis has softer eyes then harry but there's are both breath taking but no matter how amazing there eyes are I can't get over Liam's eyes. "I'm Liam Payne" he smiles I roll my eyes turning away from him.

He turns me back pushing me into the wall looking me in the eyes as he talks. "look here Eva I'm not going to deal with your bull shit attitude, get over yourself princess." "take your own words into consideration dumb ass." "watch it missy I will make you regret saying that." By breath hitches. is he threatening my life? zayn and niall pull Liam away from me "I'm sorry about him, he used to be really nice and cool." Louis soft voice whispers in my ear as he hugs me, making a very jealous harry pout. I whisper back "are you and harry a thing?" He smiles and nods pulling back walking to harry hugging him Harry's arms wrap around Louis protectively. I look at the boys in aw there so cute together the way the look into others eyes when talking not even noticing. niall got Liam to calm down after about a hour, I really need to watch what I say around Liam he's a ticking time bomb. a beautiful disaster waiting to happen.

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