Heavens daughter

An alternative version of Cassandra Clare's City of bones


1. 10 years ago

"Amethyst, wake up,” my eyes slowly opened as my mothers (the current queen of angels and goddess of all the goddesses) voice roused me from my sleep. “Morning mama,” I was greeted with a soft smile .                                                  "Come on, get  up. The whole palace is surrounded by demons we need to get to the sanctuary and go to the human world, they can’t follow us there.” She whispered before passing me a black leather jacket so I could put my weapons in the never ending pockets and holsters. I crawled towards the end of my four poster bed opening the locks that held my weapon chest closed, I sat back as it opened revealing: knives/ blades, swords, folding staffs ,bows and arrows, whips and lassos all made with either  Amethyst sponthite or sapphire tylitte, I picked up four of each and put them into the different pockets of my mini leather jacket. "Ready?" she asked

"READY," I confirmed before I braided my hair into two knee length french braids  pulled my hood over my head. My mum clapped and the bookcase wall opened into a staircase she offered me her hand and I took it as we 

descended down the stairs. The torches lit as me and my mum traveled down the hallway at the end of the stairs. We were walking past giant golden door when my dad burst through the doors I went to hug him when I noticed the hoards of demons behind him.        "Go," my mum and dad yelled " take this  and go," my mum whispered before giving me a heavy satchel and a hug and kiss. Before pushing me in the direction of the sanctuary, when I reached the Sanctuary the doors automatically and then it shut when I entered the portal was blazing and a live moving window to earth was waiting  but there was a sign that read ' You will not remember what you've seen and done you'll just be a very powerful human girl' Someone bashed the door with a battering ram and the rumbling made me trip backwards and stumble into the portal.


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