Until When Will I Love You?

‘’ I didn’t even think that meeting you, could take me in this kind of situation ‘’


1. First Meeting

I’m at my school today, inside my classroom. I’m actually in grade VIII – F, the lowest section in grade VIII. Beside it’s my fault why they put me into this. I got low grades last year which I got 2 line of 7 in 3 subject. I’m actually sit in the last corner of the last row. Too many reason why, or is just that I’m not a sociable person. Beside they would think that I’m somehow weird and is just that I love to look at the outside of the window they somehow gives me peaceful mind.

I’m interrupted when someone tap me on my shoulder, I look at the person and I don’t know him because he seems like a new transferee student. ‘’ Yes? May I help you? ‘’ I confusedly ask. But still he keep on staring at me which making me look nervous and it kinda creep me out ‘’ do you want something? ‘’ I ask again trying to make him answer.

‘’ Hi, I’m Justine ‘’ he introduce himself ‘’ Can I be your friend? ‘’ he ask suddenly and really it really gives a creep but somehow. ‘’ Sure, why not ‘’ I answer, he looks friendly that’s the reason. Beside it’s good to have a new friend for those whose weird like me. Then suddenly he give me a big smile. He looks so cute, OHMYGOD!

‘’ You ok? ‘’ Justine ask. Is he some kind of worried or scared. Gosh! What did I do this time?! This is the reason why I hate talking to people because they might thought that I’m kind of weird person who just escape from rehab.
‘’ Me? ‘’ I pointed to myself ‘’ yes, I’m ok is just that I hope you won’t find me weird ‘’ I answer and I sounds nervous. Then suddenly he smile again as he put his right hand on right shoulder and his left hand on my left shoulder. As I sense that everyone in the classroom are looking on us! As in on US! My eyes get wide like an owl! While we’re both staring on each other!

‘’ Don’t worry, you’re not weird at all and you look friend beside I won’t mind if your weird or not ‘’ Justine assuring words said. But why is my heart beating fast? Is this because of his words or is because of we are doing an eye to eye contact?! This is really OHMYGOD!

‘’ Umm.. Thank you, I guess ‘’ then he remove his both hand on my shoulder as I smile at him. He seems cute and friendly too. OH MY GOD! What I’m thinking?!

‘’ So, why are you quiet? ‘’ Justine ask suddenly he seems to notice that I’m in a deep thought and having this weird feeling inside my tummy. Which I don’t know.

 ‘’ Is just that I’m not a sociable person means I can’t you know. Because somehow I feel like they were thinking that I’m weird. ‘’ I shyly answer because really it’s embarrassing.

‘’ You’re not a weird person beside you’re cool and friendly ‘’ Justine said like trying to stop me to keep saying that I’m weird.

Then suddenly I remember ‘’ is this your class? because somehow I can’t remember that you being my classmate. ‘’ I ask as I explain. He somehow change his expression like he’s about to rush.

‘’ Actually…nope ‘’ he answer as I immediately get shock ‘’ I’m from VII-A ‘’ wait?! Did he just answer that he’s from VII-A?!

‘’ What do you mean? ‘’ I look confuse yet nervous. Gosh! I feel like I’m a pedophile. Really VII is on the first floor not second floor. ‘’ Are you lost somehow? ‘’ I ask with the hint of still confuse yet shock.

‘’ No, is just that I… wanted to see you ‘’ then he bow?! He somewhat embarrass?! Wait…did he answer ‘I wanted to see you’ ?! Why would he wanted to see me?! Like I mean REALLY?! But why?! ‘’ I wanted to see you because of my brother. He kept on talking about you so, I somehow wanted to see what you look like. ‘’ He further explain.

‘’ What do you mean? ‘’ I ask because really it still creeping me ‘’ by the way, who is your brother? ‘’ I curiously ask.
‘’ You will soon to know ‘’ he answer as he suddenly kiss me in the cheek and RUN AWAY! Then leaving me here dumbfounded.

Gosh! This is really confusing me and by the way he just kiss me on my cheek, KISS ME ON THE CHEEK! GET IT! AND I DON’T KNOW! Beside my heart still beating fast, really! OH MY GOD!

I’m not yet ready to die! Oh, by the way I’m not going to die actually and I almost forgot to introduce myself.
I’m Naomi Lyn, 14 years old. I have only one sister her name is Anne Lyn and I don’t have a brother. My mom’s work as Interior Design then my dad’s is a CEO.I’m from class F because I have the lowest graded last year so I was label at this class. Well, I have a crush his name is Ryan James but he’s in Canada. That’s all, remember my life is boring so don’t ask and I’m actually confuse that made by Justine, Thank You 

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