Bidding For Love: Is it worth it?

Ever wondered where you would meet your first love? Would it be at school, at a cafe, or the beach? How about a secret underground auction? For 20 year old Jessica, things get a little out of hand. She accidentally breaks the billion dollar statue, and she has to repay for it. The problem was she barely had enough money to pay her own rent! Thus they made an agreement. She'll be bidding herself in replacement for the statue. So the next thing for bidding is.... Me?!


1. Twisted In Some Trouble

      I carefully cleaned dirty clothes, dusted counters, and folded bed sheets. My name's Jessica Rose, and I currently work at the Black Spades Hotel. I never really imagined myself being a service lady here. I've always dreamed of myself becoming a famous actress or something. I guess dreams really don't come true right? 

     " You're doing good. Keep it up, " My manager, Tom , said to me. I faked a smile and returned back to work. Suddenly, I heard a commotion. " Oh my god! It's Mr. Ryan, " one of the people from the crowd exclaimed. I turned around, and I saw a man who was surrounded by a crowd of people flashing camera's at him. 

     The man starts walking towards where I was, but I tried my best to not make eye contact.  " Oh! Mr. Ryan, you're here! I thought you were on a business trip, " the manager exclaimed. I wiped the cashier counter in the lobby, and I secretly eavesdropped. " There was a delay in the time, so we came back, " Mr. Ryan replied. " 

   " Ah, I see. We're glad to have you back Mr. Ryan, " the manager said. " Glad to be back, " he replied quietly. I noticed that he was staring at me, and I turned around quickly. He starts walking towards the elevator, and body guards pushed back the crowd. 

    It was my first week working at the Black Spades Hotel, so I didn't really know why Mr. Ryan was so popular. " Uhm, May I ask? Who is Mr. Ryan? " I questioned the manager. He chuckled as if I was as clueless as a rock. " He's one of the multi billionaires that work for the Black Spades incorporation around the world. Not to mention he's really good with the ladies, " he snickered. I rolled my eyes, and I continued with my work. 

     The next morning, I received a phone call. Ring! Ring! I quickly got out of bed, and I picked up my phone. " Hello?  " I answered. " Great news, you're gonna be attending our annual celebration! " Tom said. " Really? " I said excitingly. 

     " Of course! You'll be serving the party members this year, " he exclaimed. I sighed. I wished I didn't get my hopes up. " Please be dressed in your uniform, and be there tonight. " he ordered. I hung up and lied on my bed. I suppose it's better than not going at all I thought to myself. 

     Later that night, I quickly got dressed in my uniform. I ran towards the elevator and pressed the number 300. I was nervous to go to the party because that was where most of the rich and elegant people were. What if they looked at me as if i'm some peasant? Wait, nevermind. I AM a peasant. 

    When I arrived at the party, I noticed that a lot of the people were dressed in fine attire. I walked around and served the party guests. I noticed Mr. Ryan was speaking to a short chubby man in a gray suit. I quickly turned around, and I ran the other direction. Why am I running away from him?! My mind was stopped short when I heard a sound of breaking glass. I came back to my senses, and I noticed I broke a statue. Oh no I thought. 

    " So sorry! I'll pay for the damage I've done! " I said to the man who was holding the statue. " You have one billion dollars then? " he yelled in anger. " ONE BILLION DOLLARS? I barely have enough money to pay my own rent! " I cried.

     He shook his head, and he looked at me in disgust. " Want to make a deal? I'll put this statue problem behind us, if you are willing to bid yourself in replacement of it, "  he smirked as he said that to me    

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