Careful What You Wish For.

This is a story I had to do for my creative writing class. Its just a short story, about 3000 words. Comment and tell me what you think.


1. Short Story

 If I could take back that day, I don’t think I would. I would try harder to change the event that happened, but I wouldn’t take back that day. That day is the day I

learned a very important lesson, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it; and it may not be what you expect it to be.

 I was walking down the sidewalk, listening to the leaves rustling along the curb beside me. My hands shoved deeply in my coat pockets as the chilling wind

kept beating against my face. Hearing in the distance, people all around me, living out their day. Adults rushing to get somewhere unknown, kids playing in the naked trees and crunching the leaves, elderly people just strolling down the walk, the same way I am, without any kind of need to be anywhere.  Seeing all their different faces, happy, sad, worried, and occasionally scared. I can't help but wonder what's going on inside their minds. I've always wanted to know what others are thinking, their thoughts and ideas. The unspoken truth that they hide in their brain. What do they think when they see the other bystanders around them, what do they think when they see me? 

         Continuing to admire the sight of dancing leaves as they leave there homes on the trees, I entered an old stone building. Three old glass windows with green floral curtains, a fancy little glass doorknob and a ringing sound telling the workers I had entered the room. Waiters and waitress rushed from table to table taking orders. Some were generally happy and others were clearly forcing a smile. I walked over to the nearest table which was in front of a giant window that said Mama's kitchen. A waitress with a forced smile, and enough makeup to make a clown look normal, came up said the same words that seemed to echo around the small diner.


   "Hello, welcome to Mama's Kitchen, what can I get for you?"


  "Just a coffee. How have you been Linda?"


   "I've been better." she hurried off with watery eyes.


 I knew all the workers here by name, many of them were old friends of mine. I've known Linda since we were kids but here recently she's been distant from everyone.

After I finish my coffee I walked back down the street to the old movie theater, no body owned it anymore but that didn’t stop people from going inside. Manly

Teens looking for a place to hide and express themselves without having the cops called on them. You could still see the charred pieces of wood along some of the walls where flames had hugged the walls at one point in time. Pushing past the curtain of spider webs and toward the room in the far back. Last time I was here was the night this place burned down. My parents had brought me here for my fifteenth birthday so I could watch "A walk to remember" when it first came out in 2002, its hard to believe its been ten years since that tragic night.

There's a small creek that runs through the back of the room where there was small creek that rose up from beneath floor. I looked into and the water seemed

to glow. There were a bunch of shining coins that had been tossed into the small stream of water where people used it as a wishing well. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my own coin to add to the collection of unanswered wishes.


" I wish I had telepathy." I carelessly tossed the penny into the small stream.


After staring at the water for what seemed like forever. I decided it was time to leave the theater. Finding my way back through the old hallways, I started to

hear voices. As my feet took me closer to the door, the voices got louder and louder as I began to hear more of them. I couldn’t understand what they were saying because of the majority of them but I did know that they weren't my voices. I opened the door to the theater and I was bombarded with thousands of thoughts as I looked into the eyes of every passing stranger. As I looked them in the eyes one voice would be singled out but as soon as eye contact was lost, the others were back. I covered my ears in an attempt to drown out the noises, only to fail because they were coming from inside my head, not out.

I watched the sidewalk under me move at quick speed until I seen the familiar "WELCOME" matt that I see so many times a week. I opened the door hearing the

familiar ring, letting everyone know someone had entered.  I sat down at the same table I always sat at and seen Linda coming towards me. I was getting stares from everyone, I'm assuming because I still had my hands over my ears and I was probably showing how freaked out I was. As my waitress approached me I looked into her eyes and sad thoughts began to enter my mind. 1,000 dollars worth of bills for a cancer treatment that didn’t work. she never even got to tell her goodbye.  Linda's mom passed away. I looked away from her and to the nearest person. I made eye contact with a middle aged woman who was crying in the corner. I began crying as well once I figured out why. Today is the six year anniversary of her sons death, but tomorrow would've been his ninth birthday. Born in 2002 and died in 2006.. I stood up, walking over to her and whispered "I'm sorry" before hugging her and walking away, out of the diner and down the street.

 I never would have thought that there were so many depressing things going on in peoples lives that they try to cover. I was making my way back to the theater,

I didn’t want to be able to do this anymore. The wind hitting my already tear dampened face, causing my face to turn bright red. There was so much in this world that I wasn’t ready for, I always thought I had it bad but now it was like everywhere I turned someone was grieving over the loss of a loved, or struggling to provide for there family.

 I finally made it back to the theater. Hoping to find out how this happened and how to fix whatever is going on. I tried to find the room with the stream. I heard

the sound of rushing water and ran to find where it was coming from. Once I found my way through the darkness I seen the glistening blue water I had been searching for. I went to walk toward it when I heard a small voice.


"Hello?" I whispered not wanting to disturb whoever she was.


 I looked over and seen someone sitting in the corner crying. I walked closer to the her and began hearing her thoughts like I had so many others today. The only

difference was that this persons was coming through so clearly. I wondered around old dark room. Lighting only coming in from the various holes in the roof. Soft whimpers came from the opposite corner of the room.


"Hello, are you okay?" I neared the corner to see a small girl curled up in a ball.


The girl was covered in bruises, it looked like she had just lost a brutal paintball war. Her harms were heavily scared with several new additions. All together

looked like she was in a battle with a demon. She's obviously been through hell and back and it doesn’t look like she'll live long enough to tell the tale. She looked up at me, her eyes black. Not even the slightest bit of hope was in them, she had given up, but why?  I searched for a reason in her eyes but as soon as I would think I found something, she would turn and run.  I tried to approach her but she jumped up from her current fetal position on the floor and ran.


"What's wrong?" I took a few step forward.


"Please don’t run from me, I can help you. I know how you feel and I promise everything will be okay."


I kept approaching her until she was almost within arms reach of me. I laid my had on her shoulder and she flinched.


"I promise I won't hurt you."


 I looked in her eyes and seen something flash in them. Hope, but as quickly as I seen it, it vanished leaving her eyes darker than when I first seen them.


"That’s what they all say." she mumbled in a low sad voice. You could feel the pain in her words.


She began backing away from me, trying to put as much distance between us that she could. Her back hit the wall and she just stared at me, for the first time she

allowed me to make eye contact with her, but only for a second. As soon as my eyes met hers I understood everything. I seen a man hitting her repeatedly, then I seen the same man throwing her against a wall while dragging her by her hair, a small women throwing her head into the tile floor of a kitchen, then I seen her fall to the ground. I looked over to the girl again but she was no longer standing. Her small body lay still and quietly on the floor. No movement was being made, not even the soft sound of breathing was heard. I could see how tired she really was, the bags under her eyes and how her skin was stuck fast to her skeleton. A bottle was resting in her open hands. Opening the small bottle I found a piece of crumbled up paper and an assortment of colorful tablets. I removed the not to get a better look at was inside. Oxycodone, Xanax, Tylenol, and some I had never ever seen before. My vision became blurry as I looked down at the small helpless girl. I closed my eyes wishing I would've done something to save her.

I opened my eyes as memories of that day came back into my mind again. Everyone thought I was crazy, and they still do.  I realized that say that I don’t care if

they think I'm crazy anymore. I know now how much pain and suffering people keep hidden behind fake smiles, but you can't always hide it from yourself. I looked out of the only window in the small cell they gave me as a room. I could see across the street into the graveyard. In the corner under a tree was a stone. The grass had already grown up over it so you could just see the top but it was clear that it was much younger than the other tomb stones. I blinked back the water that threatened to fall from my eyes. I grabbed the old crumbled piece of paper of the stand and opened it for, what I would tell myself to be, the last time. 

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