1. Obsessive McKenna

~  "Hurry up please." I said throwing my older sister her bag. "Could you be any less rude." She said fluffing her blonde curls in the rearview window. I rolled my eyes throwing my legs on the door of the other side of the car. "It's not like he actually cares what you look like, you're just another ignorant little girl. " She turned around in a shocking motion. "Jamie! Stop being such a undiplomatic little whore. I'm older than you and I know exactly what im doing. So if you would excuse me," she fluffed her hair once more. "I'm going to go meet the man of my dreams." I rolled my eyes once more. "You're excused." She slung her stupid Marc Jacobs brush at me and stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind her. I laughed quietly to myself and plugged in my ear buds.
I threw the door back to it's latch and stormed into the building where the famous Nash Grier and  stupid Cameron Dallas where doing their absurd meet and greet. I walked at a fleeting pace as I searched for my missing sister. It's not that I actually cared that she was missing, its that I had been in the car for the past three hours in 97 degree weather with no air conditioning. "Ma'am you can't go back there." A big scary man placed his slightly immense  arm in front of me. "Sir, I lost my sister and I-" "NO!" he replied sternly. "MCKENNNNAAAA!!!! MAAKEEENNAAAAA!!! I shouted at the top of my lungs. McKenna ran out of the door and laughed. Three boys piled up behind her. "Oh Oh, Logan it's okay." I removed his heavy arm out from in front of me and he walked off.  "Well hi there." a boy with enormous nostrils smiled at me. "Dude your nostrils are huge." I said laughing a little. "JAMIE!! stop being so rude. God you're such a bitch. I'm really sorry Hayes, she's naturally just so brusque."  I rolled my eyes. If she was going to stand up for them the whole time we are here, it's going to be a long day.

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