Fated To Love You

I didn't expected fate would play such game with me. My best buddy dropped my love letter in a wrong locker and the owner of the locker was non other that the most popular boy in our school. Suddenly he seemed more interested in me...


1. ~ Chapter 1~



The silence was beautiful between us. He moved closer, until he was inches away from me. The hot breeze blew the lock of my hair and I moved my hand to keep it away from my face. He extended his hand and I co-operated him by giving mine with him.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling his cologne. His long brown hair partially covered his forehead. His eyes sparkled and a smirk formed on his face. My heart pounded loudly, I was aware of his effects on me.

Before I could say something; he lifted my chin up, gazed into my eye and moved his lips closer to mine. ‘Oh... GOD he is going to kiss me!’, I thought to myself and closed my eyes. Suddenly my phone buzzed. Who is this stupid fellow? Oh... wrong timing. I saw the alarm on my phone is ringing.

Slowly I opened my eyes to meet with the familiar surrounding of my room. ‘I dreamed of him again. This time it was sweet’, I thought to myself with holding my pillow. A blush formed in my face making my cheeks a shade of red.

My phone rang flashing the name of my best buddy. I slide the answer button to respond her call. “Arushi!!! Why weren't you receiving your call. I have so many doubts regarding maths.” Anger flickered in her voice. I lifted my hand and placed the palm on my forehead.

Chitra mehra is my bestie and we are together from kinder garden.  she is the studious one with big square glasses on her eye.  She had labored 14 hours per day during our board exams but still scored lower than me.Don’t get me wrong!!! I’m not best in studies, I always score in 80%. But I don’t try like her. I pity her sometimes, she try her best  and give her 100% towards the work. We are now in second half of our 12th standard and tomorrow we are having our revision test on maths. I’m ignoring her calls since yesterday nights because I know she’ll bore me with her silly questions of ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’.

“Will you answer me?”, her sharp tone brought me back to reality. “Um... did you called? Oh... so sorry my phone was  silent and I can solve your problems at school. Now let me get ready for the school and I’ll meet you there.” I disconnected the call.

I quickly got out of my bed, brushed my teeth, took shower and wore my uniform. I stood in front of the mirror to find a 5.3’ thin figure, dark black hair and brown eyed girl glancing back me. I saw the clear effect of yesterdays’ dream on my glowing face. I tied my hair into a ponytail and applied some kajol to highlight my eye. Finally I put on my blazer and hurried towards school.
I saw Chitra standing outside the school gate, waving at me. I rushed towards her and embraced her with a bear hug. “Don’t tell, today we are also waiting for Mohit's arrival!”, she asked with a thrilled face. I nodded a simple yes.

Actually everyday we wait for Mohit's arrival. Mohit is my crush, with whom I was on my yesterday's dream.

With the thought of my earlier dream I blushed a little. Chitra poked me demanding my expression, I told her about my last nights’ dream. She listened with a blank expression on her face.

“Arushi, I will still suggest you to confess him. Otherwise he’ll go hand in hand with some other girl leaving you behind. I know it’s not easy for a girl like you, a bold step must be needed.”, she told the truth. I was lacking in bold personality. I saw him crossing our school gates, he walked past me not even shooting a glance at my direction. My smile vanished with the thought of chitra's words. The revision test was over and we went to cafeteria to soothe our appetite.
We sat facing each other, Chitra took out a cute pink envelope from her bag and handed over to me. I lifted my brows to ask her ‘what is this?’ She left out a sigh and told, “I have an idea. You can write a love letter to him and I’ll help you to drop it on his locker. Come on!!! It’s just a letter and it’s way better than to confront him.”

Though her idea is great, but what if he’ll tore it in front of everyone. What if he’ll laugh at me after reading the letter and what if...

“ARUSHI, ARE YOU LISTENING?” I was erupted from my thoughts.

“Yaa, I’m. But I think...” again I was cut in the mid sentence.

“No ‘buts’ and no ‘ifs’. You are doing it or I’ll do it.”, she concluded taking the dominance. I agreed with her. That night I tossed and turned in my bed thinking about what to write. After many attempt, I completed my letter and revise it ten times. With a relief I covered it with the pink envelope. I went to bed but unable to sleep.

The next morning I handed that letter to Chitra. “Can I read it?”, she asked with a playful voice. “Yes you can, if you want to die in my hands.”  I shoot her a death glare.

“Okiee, tell me his locker number?”, She became serious. “It’s on the 2nd row of the east side and the number is 2935. Take care of that letter.”, I said with caring look. We separated our paths as she had to go to biology section and I had to go to computer section. I got a text from her displaying ‘mission succeeded’.

I had embedded my phone number in that letter, so I was waiting for his call or text in the evening. I got a text displaying ‘lets meet tomorrow after school, behind the cafeteria.’ I started to pant and rechecked the text. I stopped at the receivers’ number. It was not Mohit's number.

I called Chitra and after four long ring she received it. “Did you drop the letter at right place? I got a text, but it’s not Mohit's number.” I retorted. “Calm down, first thing: I had dropped the letter as per your given locker number. And the second thing: how did you know it’s not his number.”

“Because I already have his number, I had collected it from his feedback form.” I was gasping for air.

“You pathetic stalker...” I cut in mid sentence. “Thst is not important now. Tell me the locker number?”, I demanded.  “ It’s 2539. See, I have dropped it at the right place.” I was speechless for a moment. “Chitra! What did you do? It’s 2935 not 2539. Oh.. My.. Gosh.. You placed it in the wrong place. Whose locker is that? What’ll I do?”, I was on the verse of crying.

“Calm down Arushi, don’t panic and we’ll find a way out. First, let’s see who got the letter.”, she consoled me and we hung up the call. I panicked thinking about the boy, who got the letter. 
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