You were but a ghost in my arms

I wrote this poem when I first time felt in love with someone


1. "Find what you love and let it kill you"

The beautiful parts of you
are hidden between the breaths I take,
and since I can't breathe you in again,
the haunting echo of your love
sends shivers down my spinal cord
with my whole body aching in endless agony.
Although I don't have the guts to ask
"Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?"
I'm still whispering your name, 
because i truly hope you'll show up
right there among the stars-
so far away,
but where you are supposed to be.

Sometimes I'm scared of your warmth;
Of your ability to treat me like an addict,
so I can come back and ask for more.
Every time our lips collide
your gentle touch melts my skin,
and you can shape me the way you want,
so when your body meets mine,
I'm not quite sure where I end and you begin.

"Reaching for stars?
Well, you can only try!"
But even if i knew i couldn't get far,
I'd give up for yet another kiss.

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