Mogwarts (Movella Hogwarts!)

Do you want to apply for Mogwarts? Because guess what, It's here!

Read Chapter one for more info.

From Prof. Violet Wavewater <3 X


1. Apply for Hogwarts...

Apply for Hogwarts!

It is that time of year again - new students are going to be accepted into Hogwarts! Of course, for the one-of-a-kind Movellas Hogwarts, you will have to apply, and in the comments please!

1. Your Hogwarts Name

2. Your Hogwarts house (You may choose up to two so that you have a second choice)

3. Your Hogwarts Wand Type (For example, Pheonix Feather and Dragon Spike)

4. Your Hogwarts Year

5. Teacher at Hogwarts or not? (Just put yes or no for this one)

6. Whether you would like to be in the Quidditch team

7. Your grades (What would your Average Grade be in Hogwarts?)

8. Your subjects.

Please don't include any muggle (Real) info!

Good luck to all!

From your Head Mistress, Professor Violet Wavewater.


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