Waiting for Nirvana

Alix is a normal girl in a normal town with really nothing much going on in her life. Then two events and the new boy in town enters into her life and turns things upside down...


1. Alix in Wonderland

She was sat there, in the library, alone, bored and wondering. The only sound was the gentle hum of the air conditioning and the distant chatter of happy sixth formers from the room next door.

The feeling was unbearable. That feeling of nothingness, the knowledge of wasted time. Her eyes studied the decorated walls, the displays 2 or 3 years out of date. She needed something desperately to take her mind off of her own thoughts delving deeper and deeper down. But how do you get rid of thoughts you don't want? Truth is, it's impossible. The only remedy is distraction...and that's exactly what came her way.

Alix's pov

Alice in Wonderland. More like Alix in wonderland. It's close. Even closer if you count the unmoving library as a Wonderland- believe me it's not. Even though I chose to come here, to get away from the pressures of year 11 classes, I still feel like someone made me come here. To endure hours of mind-numbing boringness enough to drive you insane.

I turn around as the creaky double doors burst open. I push Alice back into her place on the crowded bookshelf and move quickly back to my seat. I exhale; it's only the librarian, ha who else could it be!? She scurries around delivering books to their 'proper places'. Everything about her is mouselike- the way the scurries instead of walks, her short sandy hair. I almost see tiny mouse ears and a tiny mouse tail on her.

Just as I settle into observing again, a man that I recognise as my new English teacher sweeps into the room followed by a tall boy in school uniform.

"Mr Angelo!" My mouse-librarian squeaks. "Can I help you?" Mr Angelo scratched his completely grey head of hair and huffed and puffed his toad-like features. I can see what's going on here, the only thing that brings people in this room. A troublemaker sent to the library for disturbing the class, so shoved somewhere else to disturb the peace instead.

"This young man.." He pauses for effect- you can tell he's an English/drama teacher. "Has decided he'd rather sit and listen to his music through his ear pluggy things than listen to my very important GCSE lesson. So if it's okay with you Miss would he be able to sit in here for the remainder of the hour?" Of course it is. So I was lumbered with another troublemaker- and maybe some excitement...

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