The fault in our stars how I thought it should end

This is my alternate ending to the fault in our stars


1. Augustus Waters

What am I going to tell her. I cant tell her. I wont. I don't know. I love Hazel. I cant adjust to the fact that my beloved hazel is in hospital. Dying. DYING! Why her? My Hazel. I know that oblivion is inevitable and eventually everyone  will die but why her? why now? Take me instead. I can see her now. She is barely breathing. Her breaths getting shallower and shallower with every second that passes. Her soul drifting away from her fragile body.  Her mother crying at the side of her bed telling her to let go. That is when I lost it. I ran into the ward and saw her lying there lifeless barely breathing. I rushed over to her.

She opened her eyes.  Her green eyes now dark. She was slipping away from me with every breath that she took. I grabbed her delicate hand and gave it a squeeze. Then My body collapsed. My legs lost all the feeling in them and my arms. I couldn't move my arms. Before I fell into unconsciousness I heard a scream and knew that it came from my Hazel.   

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