Behind The Fame

Bad Romance singer, Lady Gaga, has been hiding her daughter from the spotlight ever since she was born.
Watch as her daughter rebels against her mother's choice and ends up embracing the flashlights and the whole Fame and Fortune concept.
Will Gaga be able to look after her daughter and protect her from fame?


1. Bending the rules

Aya's pov
I wake up around 12 ,so it's too late for me to have breakfast, instead I walk downstairs hoping that lunch was ready.
"Hey Lucinda." I greet my nany.
"Hello sweetie, sleep well?" She asks, pouring me a cup of water so I'd take my medication.
"Yeah. Thanks." I say, grabbing the cup. 
After drinking and taking my meds, I walk over to the fridge to get something edible, yet not too greasy since I'm on a diet;
"Could you cut me some carrots please ?" I ask politely.
"But Aya you're mother said she was coming over for lunch." Lucinda reminds me.
"Tell her I can't, I'm busy I have a group project and I'm inviting my friends over so unless she wants to blow her cover, I suggests she stays away from this house." I threaten. "My house." I add.

I head back to my room and call Jenny on FaceTime,
"Hey Jen!" I smile seeing her awkward face.
"Hey babe! Did you just wake up?" She laughs at my messy hair.
"Maybe.." I say, covering my eyes, in shame.
"So what are you plans for today?" She asks, obviously wanting to meet up.
"Wanna come over? Blew off my mum by telling her I had a project with you.." I admit.
"Sure.. but you should talk to her man. When was the last time you had a face to face conversation with her?" She rants.
"Can we not have this conversation again?" I plead.
"Fine whatever dude." She gives up.
Suddenly the other phone rings, it was a blocked iD so I figured it was my mother.
"Speaking of the devil.." I tell Jenny showing her the phone.
"Call me back when you're done." She says, hanging up.
I put down my phone and answer the landline,
"Hello?" I say, trying to keep calm.
"Baby, it's me." Tara says.
"Oh thank God, I thought it was mum trying to lecture me about ditching her again!" I cheer.
"C'mon, you can't keep pushing her away! Anyway, I called since Stef had to finish her photoshoot but she says and I quote: 
Cancel whatever plans you have, I'm coming home and we're having lunch like a family. If you won't do so you're grounded." Tara blurts.
"Wow, Hitler would've been a better parent. Who forces their child to have lunch with them?" I joke.
"Shut up Aya, you know she loves you." Tara orders.
"Then why is she keeping me a secret?! I'm fifteen for God's sake! She keeps talking about 'being a family' yet she's never here and about 6 people know she's my mother, including her, you and me. I can't stand her 500 miles away, so how could I put up with her under the same roof during an entire lunch?" I retort.
"Listen, she's doing this for your o-"
"own good, she's looking out for you." I interrupt, "Yeah, yeah I've heard it all before." I roll my eyes.
"Sweetheart, I got to go, I'll text you later kay?" She says.
"Fine. Love you!" I sigh.
"Way more." She hangs up.
I put down my phone and head to the bathroom, but before that, I text Jenny telling her I was forced into cancelling on her,
Jenny: Fuck it man. What are you gonna do?
Aya: I'll just have that lunch and get it over with already.
How bad could it be?
Jenny: Well good luck, text me if you need anything. See ya💜!

After I showered, I make my way to my closet and grab some super short shorts, and a revealing crop top, hoping to get a reaction out of my mother.
I tie my hair up in a bun, and head downstairs and blast some Katy Perry songs in the living room, which was right infront of the entrance that way Gaga would listen to it as soon as she stepped into this house.

Although my music was pretty loud, I managed to hear the doorbell, and before opening I decide I wanted to avoid conflict because that would make her stay longer so I cover up and turn down the music then head to the door.
I open the door, and just walk away, not bothering with greeting her or even hugging her,
instead I text Jenny,
Aya: Old wench came. Wish me luck! 
Jenny: Luck(?).
I laugh then put my phone down on the table.
I walk to the kitchen, and notice mum is following me,
"Aren't you going to hug me? I missed you baby." She says.
"Really?" I smile sarcastically.
"Aya Mae Germanotta, I will not tolerate such behavior coming from you." She says in a much serious tone.
"Oh using my full name to scare me. Well you forgot dad's name, Aya Mae Taylor Germanotta." I flash my teeth, and wink at her.
She sighs in disappointment.
I then head to dining room, where Lucinda had already set up the table, and mum follows through.
I just wait there for her to make the first move, and she does,
"What do you want to start with?" She asks, grabbing the spoon that was in the salad bowl.
"Usually guests don't serve food." I retort making her drop the spoon.
"Listen, we have to talk." She says staring blankly at me.
"Shoot." I reply.
"I have told you over a thousand times, I can't always be around! And you can't come on tour because you have school and it's not safe or healthy. I'm sorry I just can't!" Gaga says, tearing up.
"And I have told you over a million times, that it's not why I'm mad." I state, in a normal tone as I'm truly tired of fighting.
"Then what is it? Tell me. I can't have it like this anymore baby. I miss you." She sighs.
"Why the hell can't people know I'm your daughter?!" I say, standing up.
"Wha-I just.. I-I can't. It's not safe." She stutters.
"Don't you dare talk about my safety, you think living alone is safer? You think walking around at school and everywhere having people believe I don't have parents or at least caring parents is fun? You think having nobody to talk to when I'm sad is okay? You really think that leaving me in the shadow while you shine bright in the spotlight is the 'safest' thing to do?" I rant, while my blood was boiling and I was turning red, 'I'm about to burst into tears' I thought, 
1...". And here came the tears.
Gaga stands up and hugs me so tight, and for a while I don't move and enjoy the small amount of love I'm given.
"I can't do this anymore, Gaga." I used her stage name, wanting her to feel bad, and by the look on her face she does.
"Honey, it's for your own sake!" She insists.
"No way, I'm done. You wanna be my mum again? Prove it." I order, then leave the room quickly.
I head to my room and put on my earphones while hiding under my blanket, 
I play some actual music I like,
Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey 
and just lay there and drown in my tears.
About an hour later, I go back downstairs thinking Gaga had already left but she hadn't, she was in the dining room, on the phone, and I just couldn't help it but overhear the conversation,
"I can't, she's too mad. I can't leave now, not now, not again!" She panics over the phone.
"I gotta make it up to her, I'll just make the announcement. Maybe she'll forgive me then." She suggests.
"Get it sorted, otherwise I'll just make the announcement and fuck damage control." She says.
"Fine, I'm hanging up now!" She screams, then throws her phone on the table.
As I heard those last few words I rush to my room silently, and hide between the sheets again, when my thoughts starting taking over
"Was she talking about me? Was she leaving on tour? What announcement? Whats happening?" My mind got overcrowded by my thoughts.
I was still in a bad mood though, so I decided I would nap for a while, at least until Gaga was gone.
And yes, I called her Gaga, she lost the right to be called mum.

Around twenty minutes later, I wake up, since I noticed someone entered my room, it was Gaga,
"Well, I'm leaving now.." She sighs.
"Great, see you in a year, maybe around Christmas?" I retort sarcastically.
She doesn't reply, and just leaves.
I notice she turns around, to come back into my room, but changes her mind and just heads downstairs.
Then I head to the window to make sure she left, I see Peter her bodyguard, escorting her to her car. The engine starts and they drive off with two cars following them.
I rush back to my bed, and call Tara, and thankfully, she picks up,
"Hey there!" She says, all cheery.
"She fucking left." I state.
"Aw baby, did you at least talk?" She asks.
"I told her I couldn't live like this anymore, Tara, I just can't!" I rant.
Suddenly her phone rings in the background, 
"Honey it's her.."
"Put it on speaker!" I shout interrupting her.
She does as I say,
"Hey Gaga.." Tara says as if nothing was happening.
"..." she doesn't reply, since she was crying.
"Stef what's wrong?" She asks although she knew the reason.
"I-I just.."
"Calm down I don't understand what you're saying." Tara interrupts.
"It's Aya. I mean, I'm doing this for her own good she just doesn't get it." Gaga sobs.
"Hold on babe." Tara says, putting her phone on mute.
"I'm gonna hang up now, it's a private conversation. I'll call you later baby." Tara interrupts me.
"What the fuck? You can't just leave me like this." I say, but she had already hung up.
"Well great." I say to myself out loud.

Gaga's pov

I call Tara, hoping she could cheer me up, or at least comfort me,
"Hey Gaga.." Tara greets me.
"..." I don't reply, since I was crying.
"Stef what's wrong?" She asks, worried about me.
"I-I just.." I stutter.
"Calm down I don't understand what you're saying." Tara interrupts.
"It's Aya. I mean, I'm doing this for her own good she just doesn't get it." I cry even louder.
"Hold on babe." Tara says, then disappears.

"Tara you there?" I ask, a minute later.
"Yeah I'm sorry about that. Where are you? I'll come right away." She replies.
"I'm on my way to my loft downtown." I tell her.
"Pick me up on your way?" She asks.
"Sure, be there in ten." I say, hanging up.

Aya's pov

I needed to get some air, so I put on my shoes, grab my backpack and head out using the fire escape since I wasn't allowed to wander off alone. 
I walk to the garage and decide to drive the mini cooper today, I grab my fake iD since I still wasn't legally allowed to drive, and head out of this fucked up house.
I turn on the radio, and to my surprise, Gypsy was playing, I shrug and change the station.
Eventually, I get sick of this trashy music and turn off the radio.
Thirty minutes later, I arrive to Eastwick Park. I turn off my car, grab my backpack and head towards my hiding spot.
I grab a pack of smokes and a book, and just chill out here for a while.
As it was getting late, I decide to head home, and avoid an argument with Lucinda, and a fight with Gaga again.

Gaga's pov

As we pulled into Tara's driveway, I receive a call from Lucinda, I pick up instantly.
"What's wrong?" I ask worriedly.
"Aya left alone again, the cooper's gone." She screams.
"I'm on my way." I say, and hang up."Take me to my daughter's please." I tell the driver.

Tara gets in the car, and I inform her about Aya's escape.
"What? Again?" She says.
"Yes again." I shrug.
"Fuck it man. You're so irresponsible!" She accuses me.
"What? What do I have to do with this?" I scream.
"Nothing it's not the right time." She says shutting me up.
We stay calm for the rest of the ride.
Aya's pov

After a thirty-minute drive, I arrive home, where I find Lucinda waiting on the stairs.
I look down knowing I was in trouble again,
"Where have you been Aya?" She screams grabbing me by the arm.
"Don't fucking touch me." I say.
"I called your mother!" She shouts.
"What? How dare you call Gaga?" I scream.
"I had to, it's my job." She says, pulling me inside.
"You're hurting me!" I scream as she sits me down on the couch.
"Stay here." She orders me.

About ten minutes later, someone knocks on the door, which I assume was Gaga.
"Where is she?" She asks.
I just stare blankly at her, until I spot Tara and run towards her to hug her.
"Taraaaaa!" I scream.
"Hey babe." Tara says.
"I missed you oh my God what are you doing here?" I act innocently as if I didn't know Gaga dragged her here so that she'd persuade me into obeying.
"Enough." Gaga interrupts Tara.
"Can't you see I'm having a conversation with Tar?" I say, wanting to make her jealous.
"Do you know how dangerous your little trip was? And how dangerous my presence here is as well?" Gaga says.
"Oh, please elaborate, how could your presence be dangerous?" I ask.
"Imagine if paparazzis followed me here, it would blow our cover-"
"Your cover." I interrupt, "Your cover. It's your fucking cover." I scream.
"Go to your room." She orderes.
"Bye Tara, I'll call you later." I say hugging her.
"Stop." Gaga says.
"What?" I shrug.
"Give me your phone." She orderes, holding her hand out.
"Why? So that I can't call my friends who in fact are the only people who care about me?" I ask, tearing up.
"You're grounded." She says, trying to keep a straight face.
"Whatever you're leaving anyway." I laugh.
I hug Tara a last time and head to my room, and enter my bathroom, where I hid another phone.
I call dad to tell him about this yet he didn't reply and it goes straight to voicemail,
"Hey you've reached Taylor, I'm obviously busy, so leave a message and I'll get back to you. And if it's Stef, love you babe." The recording plays.
"Hey dad, it's me. Mum's being irrational again.. She confiscated my phone just because I was out for a while.. So talk to her please?" I say.
"Press one if you're satisfied with your message. Press two if-" I press one then hang up.
I hide my phone then head downstairs, hoping Tara was still there.
"What are you doing here?" Gaga frowns.
"I-I needed water." I stutter.
"Fine, go." She says, stepping back.
I go to the kitchen, and spot Tara.
"Hey.." she says in a calm voice.
"Sorry you had to witness this, it's just that I'm tired of this." I apologize.
"Aw babe, everyone fights with their parents.."
"Not everyone lives alone, while their mother is partying and having the time of her life." I interrupt her.
Gaga enters the kitchen, and clears her throat,
"I was just leaving." I say, walking towards the door with my head down.
"Wait, here." She hands me my phone.
I stare at her, wondering why she gave it back this soon.
"I'm heading to Paris tomorrow-"
"Oh! I was wondering why you gave it back. You think it makes up for you leaving again." I interrupt her, then head back upstairs.

Gaga's pov 

After making sure Aya was alright, and that everything was good at home, I get in the car with Tara,
"Tara?" I poke her.
"Hm?" She nods.
"What did you mean when you said that I was irresponsible?" I ask.
"Seriously?" She glares at me.
"I really wanna know why you think badly of me." I insist.
"I don't, it's just that.." she pauses,
"You have a fifteen year old daughter, who is alone 24/7 and has to go through life and her teenage years without a motherly figure around, then you wonder why she rebelled against you, and why she despises you." She rants.
"You think I'm not aware of that? You think I don't want to be around? Be there for her?" I scream.
"If you wanted to, you would've just told the world she's your daughter." She states.
She was right, from that point of view it seemed like I didn't want the world the know, like I didn't want to be bothered with the responsibilities that came along with having a child.
"I'll tell my manager about it, so that he could do damage control, and I'll call Aya tomorrow and tell her about it." I announced.
"Good choice." Tara retorts.
The rest of the drive was awkwardly silent, until we got to Tara's apartment,
"You sure you don't wanna come over?" I suggest.
"Nah, I'll text you at night though, I should get some sleep since we're flying to Paris tomorrow." She denies my offer.
"Fine good night Tar." I kiss her cheek, before she gets off waves goodbye and heads inside her building.

Aya's pov

I pour myself a hot bath and drag my tv infront of the tub so that I could watch a TV showwhile I was relaxing in there. 
As I turn on the TV, the first thing that pops up is E! and they were talking about Gaga, so I thought I'd listen since it was the only way for me to get her news.

"Lady Gaga tweets something about a major announcement.
Apparently our favorite pop singer has some news to share. Do you think she has a kid? Maybe it's Taylor's ?" The presenter jokes.

"Bingo" I laughed, but that's soooo not the announcement." I say out loud.
When the segment about Gaga is over, I switch to Netflix and watch the first season of Breaking Bad AGAIN, I'm that obsessed. 

After my bath, I skip dinner and go straigh to bed, but beforehand I text Jenny:
Aya: Jen, I'm off to bed, I'll explain everything tomorrow love you.
Jenny: Fine, sleep tight.
Then I receive a text from Tara;
Tara: Baby, you shouldn't have gone ballistic on your mother today..
Aya: I know, I feel bad.
Tara: It's fine, just apologize to her next time okay?
Aya: Deal. Goodnight Tar, kiss mum for me?
Tara: Okay hun love you.
I lock my phone and put it down on the pillow.

The next day, I wake up because of my phone buzzing, it was a blocked iD.. Gaga. I picked it up,
"Baby, it's mum." She said.
"Hey, mum. I'm sorry about yesterday, you're right, I shouldn't expect you to always be here since you're working on your career-"
"Baby listen to me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept you a secret, and I know that now, I told Peter to pick you up, he's on his way, pack a bag your coming to Paris with me, we need to sort this out, you're dad will be there too." She interrupts me.
"B-but mum, if people spot us together.." I stutter.
"Don't worry, I already planned on announcing it." She reassures me.
"Oh my God.."
"Go get dressed already!" She interrupts me again.
"Fine I'm going." I laugh.
"Aya?" She calls.
"Yeah?" I ask.
" Love you kid." She says.
I wasn't ready yet, I mean fifteen years is a long time.
"Alright, I have to go now." She says, after noticing I was uncomfortable saying it back.
"See you." I say hanging up.

Gaga's pov

After getting off the phone with Aya, I began crying, and as much as I tried hiding it, Tara noticed and came over to the couch where I was sitting.
"What's up Stef?" She asks, curiously.
"I told her." I cheer.
"Oh my God, YAS GAGA SLAY." She dances around.
"Are you high?" I crack a joke.
"Probably." She winks and walks away.
"Whatever it is, I want some." I say, chasing after her.
"Who's gonna look after Aya if we're both high?" She retorts.
"You got a point." I say, heading out of the room.
"Taylor's calling by the way." She says grabbing my phone.
"I need to shower but could you fill him in and tell him to join us in Paris?" I ask, as I was walking to the bathroom.
"Sure, go get naked!" She laughs.

Aya's pov

I rushed over to my room after hanging up, and called Lucinda to help me pack,
"What are you doing?" She asks.
"Gag-I mean mum told me to pack she's taking me to Paris with her." I say, grabbing a suitcase.
"Stop it's not funny to mock your mother this way." Lucinda frowned.
"I'm not! I swear! Call her and see for yourself." I try to convice her, when suddenly we hear the doorbell and both make our way downstairs,
"Peter!" I say, after spotting the tall guy.
"It's like the first time you're happy to see him, what's happening?" Lucinda asks again.
"I told you! He's taking me to mum's place, then we're headed to Paris!" I shout.
"She doesn't believe you?" Peter laughs.
"Tell her Peter!" I shout again.
"Yes it's true Lucinda, now help her pack before she shouts again." He says, trying to cover his ears.
"Oh my- okay." Lucinda tries to hide how surprised she is.

We walk back up to my room, and pack enough clothes to last a week. And on my way out, Lucinda stops me and says;
"Take care kid okay?" and kisses me on the forehead.
"I will, bye Lucy!" I say running towards the car, while Peter places my suitcase in the trunk.
I head to the front seat, but Peter stops me,
"Aya, I think you should sit at the back, that's where your mother sits." He states, opening the door for me. 
"Okay, thank you." I smile and got it.
And I couldn't help it but smile during the entire ride.

Writer's pov
I forgot to mention I'm not gonna stop writing my other story, but I was inspired so I wrote this and couldn't wait any longer to post it.
Really hope it gets enough views for me to keep writing.

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