How To Break A Players Heart

❝So was this your plan all along?❞

❝It hurts doesn't it.❞

Vincent,Dallas,Carson and Ethan all four of these guy's are well known at McCarthy high for the winning football games and also sleeping with almost every single girl at McCarthy High School. Bridget Sawyer was considered a nobody at McCarthy High School ignored by absolutely everyone except her Cheerleader best friend Jennifer Sumpter. after Jennifer gets played by one of the players. She decides to use Bridget to get back at them one boy in particular.

Dallas McCartney, the baddest one of all of them.

Their goal is to make Dallas feel something he's never felt for any other girl. to make him truly fall and break his heart just like he did to everyone else. Join Bridget as journeys through a series of fights,first love, heartbreak and confusing high school drama. but most importantly.

Can Bridget get Dallas to fall for her and Will she be able to break his heart?


1. Prologue

Bridget's P.O.V 


I held tightly onto my books as i was continuously bumped while walking through the hallway. you know how in high school you have like a food chain kind of thing going on. yeah well guess what i'm at the bottom of that food chain. my rectangular glasses, baggy out of style cloths and wore out black converse made my unattractive. some girl would feel completely bothered by this but i didn't mind at all it was better to be ignored then to pretend to by something i'm not like almost every other girl in this school goes because i know one day i'll meet someone who will love me for me and not what i'm wearing or that i'm a nerdy bookworm.  Not wanting to get bumped anymore i walked closer to the bathroom and pushed open the door. i pushed my glasses up and walked around the corner stopping in my tracks when i noticed my best friend and only friend Jennifer crying. she looked up and grabbed some paper-towels wiping her eyes. 

"Jen,what happened are you okay?" I asked walking cover placing my books on the sink and placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. she looked up at me and wrapped her arms around me crying into my shoulder. i just stood there letting her cry knowing after she'd stop crying and tell me what happened them become super pissed off. that was Jen one minute she could be heart broken the next she wants you dead it's just how she works when you upset her. 

After a few minutes Jen stopped crying and wiped her eyes reapplying her makeup then turned to me. 

"So you gonna tell me what going on?" i asked. Jen mumbled something under her breath and sighed nodding her head. 

"you know Dallas McCartney right?" She asked. i crossed my arms over my chest and nodded my head .i mean i maybe unpopular and not all the pretty but i definitely know who Dallas was and i was also smart enough to know the only thing that boy and his three friends who are also the stars of our football team. Care about is sex and once they get it they drop you and move on to the next thing. 

"Well I've been dating him for a month know which is the longest he's even been with a girl and i thought that meant he was changing so i have it to him...know he doesn't want anything to do with me." Jen cried. Jerk i thought walking over to my friend and hugging her. sure she was stupid for thinking she could change a player but every girl wishes they could change Dallas or one of this friends so they could live happily ever after like a fairy-tale which i thought was super stupid. 

"Bridge, i got a plan but you have to promise not to scream or slap me once i tell you." Jen said. see told you one minute she could be heartbroken then next she's planning revenge. that is Jennifer Sumpter for you. I sighed and nodded uncrossing my arms and pushing them into my sweater pockets. 

"So Dallas likes to break girls heart right. But he's never had his heartbroken so i was thinking i do a compete makeover on you and you make him fall head over heels in love with you....then break his heart." Jen said she sounded so happy about her plan. why i just stared at her with raised eyebrows and looked down at myself then up at her. not even a makeover could make me as beautiful as my friend or half the girls Dallas has been with and plus i was a virgin.

  "Jen...i don't think." I stopped seeing her stare at me with the puppy dog eyes. he did break her heart and Dallas has broken the hearts of many girls so maybe her plan wasn't so crazy after all. 

"Fine, but if i have to sleep with him then the plan is over." I said Jen raised her hands in surrender and nodded her head. she know every well that i wasn't gonna give it up not until i found someone who wasn't like Dallas or his friends and loved me for me then then i'd give it. Jen smiled happily and linked around arms together as we turned back around and walked out of the bathroom off to our first period class with her planning out our whole why to Dallas McCartney's heart. 

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