The Love War

Mel is a sixteen year old girl with a very special affinity for water. She lives with her family in The Blue Community. Alex and Tyler are sixteen year old twin brothers and they both have an affinity for fire. Their father is the headmaster of The Red Community. When Mel meets the twins, everything changes.


1. Mel

“Melanie Jerome!" I woke up to my mother yelling my name. She must have tried to get me up before because she sounded angry. I sprung out of bed so I wouldn’t get in to much trouble

"I'm up!" I yelled back hoping she wouldn't be too angry with me. My mother was shorter than me but still very scary. She had wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes, which mine were more crystal blue like my father's. When I got out of bed I looked in my mirror.


"I'm going to need a lot of work." I walked to my closet and tried to pick out a decent outfit. I decided on a grey v-neck, light blue skinny jeans, and my black Vans. I walked down the stairs to grab a quick breakfast before I had to go to school. I grabbed a banana and said bye to my mom. I walked to school the same way I always have since I was ten. My community was very peaceful and didn’t have many crimes. We tried staying away from wars between different communities if we could. Everyone thinks our rival is the Reds, but they’re not. At least not for my generation. My parents and everyone from their generation hates the Reds and vice versa. I have a couple of friends that are Reds. Mainly because the Blues go to school across from the Reds. After about ten minutes of walking, I finally get to school.

“Hey Mel.” Amber said coming up to me. Amber is from the Red Community and she’s one of my best friends.

“Hey Amber.”

“How was your weekend, I didn’t see you at Joe’s party.” Amber new Joe was a crush of mine and she always insisted that I go to one of his parties.

“You know my parents would ground me for life if I ever went to a Red’s party.”

“Well then don’t tell them.” I gave her a look. She knows I would love to go but she knows our parents hate when we hang out.

“Oh come on, you have to at least come to the Annual Affinity Party.” The Annual Affinity Party is where every affinity comes together and has a huge party in the abandon hotel near Weber’s Park.

“I’m probably not even going to be allowed out of the house that weekend.” The funny thing is my parents would probably let me go if the Reds weren’t going to show up.

“Tell them you’re going to a friends to study.”

“Maybe.” I did really want to go and it’s not like anything bad could happen. Just then the bell ring for first warning.

“I’ll see you after school.” I told Amber as we both rushed off to class.

It was last period and I had training. Our school is like any other regular Human’s but our school has training. Training is just simply training the affinity you were born with. The Reds have the affinity to Fire. They start out lighting a candle to their senior year blowing anything up from 6 miles away. The Blues have the affinity for Water. We start our freshman year with bending water to our senior year controlling a person for ten minutes. The Greens have the affinity for Earth and the Yellows have the affinity for Weather. Then there are the outcasts, the Combined. The Combined have one parent with one affinity and one parent with a different affinity, which is something The Society frowns upon. You see, The Society wants all affinities to get along but not to reproduce with one another. They say it’s because the Combined won’t survive passed twenty but I’ve heard rumors that The Society is afraid of the Combined. The rumors say that the Combined are the most powerful out of all affinities because they take both of their parents affinities. No one knows what happens to the Combined. I know of a lady that lived up the street, Missy Ine, and she fell in love with a Red. They had a baby together and brought him home and everything. But the next day they were gone. No car, no people. But all their clothes, furniture, and food were still there. No one knows what happened. Some people say they were taken by The Society because of their baby and some say they just wanted a fresh start. After school I found Amber and we walked home together. Amber lives a lot closer to school than I do but she always leaves way earlier than I do and I leave really early. After I got home I put my bag down on the table and went into the fridge for a snack. Just then my phone buzzed telling me I had a text. I looked at it and saw it was Amber:

A: Hey Mel the Annual Affinity Party is next Friday u coming???

M: Maybe. I have to think of what to say to my parents first

I really wanted to go to this party and why shouldn’t I? Just cause my parents don’t associate with the Reds doesn’t mean I shouldn’t

A: That’s my girl (:

A: I’ll help u think of something don’t worry

M: Thanks Amber

“Oh Mel you’re home.” I turned around and saw my mom behind me. She usually comes home three hours after I do.

“Mom? What are you doing home so early?”

“I forgot to pick up something for your Grandfather’s birthday.” My Grandfather was the most special person to me. I loved going over there and going to the lake with him. He would tell me stories of his childhood and I loved every single one. He was a very tall man just like my Father. His hair was grey but it used to be dirty blonde. He also had blue eyes with specks of purple in them. I always adored my Grandfather’s eyes but everyone got antsy when I talked about them.

“What time are we going there?”

“Around six. Your Father should be home anytime soon.” My Father was a little taller than my Grandfather and a lot taller than my Grandmother. He had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes like my Grandmother. I went upstairs to go put on my purple dress, the one that my Grandfather loved. I combed my hair and put on some makeup. I loved Grandfather’s birthday because we always go over and I get to see him. 

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