Crestfallen Sighs

Poem about frustrated hopes that bruise your heart to the edge of breaking.


1. 3 pages

Uncertainty and trepidation fostering illusive hope

-coloured by frustration;

night ends on a sigh and treble.

Melodious notes of bittersweet dreams and star scarred streams embedded in carmine stained skies.

Collective fantasies morphed into reality built upon remolded broken pieces of struggle and strife.

Rusted tears created from insecure fears streaming from eyes; crestfallen sighs.

Daisy picked barbed petals fall; piercing trust in its halting progression towards mesh made contraption

-of gaping holes born of false hopes rendered in miscommunication. 

How many chinks within armor of soul bourn until defensive mechanism has corroded leaving

-nothing left at all?

Whence does singular worthiness wrapped in recognition of need for respect as human being make it necessary to burn 'way dreams that one holds? 

Answer unknown.

Possibilities endless for creating heartbreak relentless in names of holding on and letting go

-merry go round goes;

only in time do answers unfold.

As the hands of time plod  in shape shifting nods

-exists there time enough to leave while still feeling whole?

Complete entity of person a fallacy;

wreckage of baggage inherent to humanity

-can there only at best be pieces unmarred by tragedy? 

Hope greatest ally to sanity whilst holding captive depravity.

My hearts insanity.

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