Hermione realises she loves Harry after he gave her her birthday present but was worried about how Ron would react



Harry was at the train station when he sore hermione boarding the train and before he new what he was doing he was shouting at the the top of his voice for her to get over hear . When hermione finally made her way through the crowd Harry held out a package and hermione tuck it excitedly and opened it , to her astonishment there was a beautiful necklace with a sapphire in it . Then hermione flung her arms around him . So do you like it said said Harry , if course I do it is amazing . I wish Ron could be here it feels strange without him here , I no . Then the warning blow sounded so they rushed to board the train . They got a compartment to them selfs this year but after about 20 minutes hermione burst into tears and Harry quickly tried to comfort her . She said that Ron had broken up with her for lavender brown and hermione was more like a sister to him . It took awhile o calm her down but by the time they reached the station she seemed quite happy . Then that night in the common room they saw Ron and lavender brown rapped so tightly around each other they couldn't tell who's hands were who's . Hermione ran out of the room and Harry followed her . She was in a classroom crying . Harry ran to her a quickly hugged her until she stopped crying and she said that Ron had all way been a git to her but before she could start ranting on he lifted her chin but before he kissed her hermione kissed him but after a couple of minutes Ron and lavender walked in laughing but he quickly stopped at the sight of Harry and hermione kissing . Ron ran at Harry and punched him hard in the face and hermione screened but luckily Dumbledore heard the scream and ran in to see Harry out cold on the floor , hermione crying over him and Ron stunned by hermione . He also ran to Harry and took him and hermione to the hospital wing . When Harry came round he found not hermione but Dumbledore sitting in a chair beside him . Dumbledore explained that he had had a broken nose two broken ribs a cracked skull and a black eye but he was going to make a full recovery soon and that Ron was being suspended for two weeks .the Harry asked were hermione was and Dumbledore said she was fine and was at breakfast but had been beside him until he came . Harry asked when he could leave and Dumbledore said it would be two days until he could go but at that moment hermione walked in and when she saw he was awake she ran towards him and kissed him hard on the lips until she noticed Dumbledore and she quickly turned the shade of a red tomato and they broke apart . Dumbledore said he wanted to see them in his office the minute Harry was out of hospital about something important .

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