Fallen Dawn: Light Novel: Volume 1: The Blood Black Prince.

She stood there, among the dead bodies she stood there.
An Angel-Knight. She stood there. A true Angel.
The destroyer of the life I once had, my enemy
I could not move even if I wanted to. She was beautiful.
The light had shine upon her as if the heavens had parted the sky to highlight her beauty. She stood there.
Their eyes had met. her cold demeanor did not change.
She began to walk down the pile of dead bodies under her feet.
Step by step she was getting closer to her target
I did not stand a chance against her.
Like a flash of light she appeared in front of me.
I could feel my legs give and my body became weak.
Something fell to the floor. But-
it was not no me. Despite what I was feeling I was still standing.
The girl was kneeling in front of me.
She Looked up at me with her eyes.
"How did I do my master" her voice broke out

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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