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Luke goes on tour but leaves leaving Anna's lips plump and soft...but what they don't know is that Ashton has always have a crush on Anna...will the love triangle come to an end or will it continue???


1. Stay with me

"Hey Anna" Luke says playfully punching your arm. I've always loved Luke, he's just so...happy.

It's the middle of our senior year and Luke Michael Ashton and Calum have been posting videos on YouTube and they really just, AMAZING!!

I've only really been in one relashionship's and that was with Calum but It didn't work out...he cheated on me.

My mom and dad? I never met them.

I live with my aunt, well. I used to.


So for now I'm living with my best friend Ashton, I know that seems WIERD but he's chill.

They announced that they were going on your next week and I got choked up just the thought of my ONLY friends leaving me with people who hate me.

*tour week*

Today Luke cal ash and Mikey were leaving for there first tour, it wasn't very long but it was a bit.

An hour before they left Luke pulled me into a room.

"Anna Your a one of a kind girl..."

The bus horn beeped, it was time for them to leave.

"I love you Anna" Luke kissed me and I watched him drive lips are so numb but so soft.

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