the death house competition

my entry to the competition


1. intro

I bight my nails. yep. every one does. my nails are painted dark red chipped at the sides and nibbled down to little stumps. They bleed sometimes too the metallic taste of pennies taints my mouth.

Ipull my head back while my jaw is clenched around my thumb nail, the thin strip of site comes away with a large chunk of varnish. I examine my handy work. My skin crawls, under the now exposed nail I can see something greyish blue under the nail. I look closer. the little thread of colour under the pink of my skin churns slightly reflexing in on its self. I push hard down on my nail i small stabbing pain runs through my nail and the little parasite squirms under my nail, i almost reach.

I raise my hand.

"yes.." the teacher replies board by her owns voice.

"may i go to the bath room?" I ask standing a still sick by what i hold clenched in my fist. 

The teacher simply waves at the door,  i hurry out looking down at my thumb, and its clear. rotating my hand i look for the intruder. but there is nothing… still i walk the single flight of stairs to the bathroom below.

Locking the door i sit on the closed lid looking at my thumb. i push down on it to see if the same sensations stabs me but this time my thumb seems to give way to my pressure. its like it is a rotten vegetable. I push down again onto my thumb the flesh splits at the side and a scream not in shock but in disgust, it doesn't hurt. 

I pick at the side of my nail where the skin has almost burst. the nail comes away with ease and under neath i see them, millions of tin worms wriggling around my bone squirming. i can smell there rotting stench. i retch this time emptying my stomach hard into the toilet, my eyes swim with tears and i blink them away faced with the large mass of vomit its the same colour as the worms attacking my nail! Banging the door open i inspect my reflection my eyes are red and watering with a strange glassy sticky film over them, stick my tongue out at the mirror its blueish grey as if i had been sucking some awful sweet, i see two little thread like works entwine with each other on my taste buds, i wretch again this time coming up with hard masses of cartilage and blood. what is happening to me! its like I'm rotting from the inside out. 

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