Through flames


1. "Come escape with me before I turn to stone"

As he lifted his lantern another sad soul found her way following the light out of darkness.
One more smile, one more.

Whine and ale hand in hand, a dance for the ones in sin, one cursed by his deeds one she went free to drown in sin
One more scar, one more.

As he barked he has answered curiously wrapped in silk and the forest was not so lonely anymore.

One more smile, one more.


One who knew the time, one who did not listen. Pride makes ghosts of all of us, but the rain had wash it all away.
One more scar, one more


The giants we are all beneath, someone had to fall for the rest to walk.


Chains and rocks, too many winters for the pup, rest at the embers while they last.


A lone mutt, walks the forest lost in the fog. In his eyes a gallery of statues.

Avoiding the hand of giants, barely slipping through fingers. Dormant, desperate, close to last resort.


A spark in the stick, through the smoke fire and brimstone, a howl at the moon, as if to say,

One more smile, one more.

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