In with the old out with the new

I fell in love with this story when I first saw it how ever this story is not mine. I wan to make sure to give some well all of the credit to an amazing youtuber emmosta I hope you all enjoy it because I know that I did!!!


1. 1.1

It was almost time for the new pizzeria to open up. They where calling it Freddy's Pizza house. The old animatronics are coming back home and getting ready for another fun year!!!

Freddy's pov:

"Welcome to our new home guys!!! The most amazing pizzeria and the best part is all for us!!!" I turned around to face the others. Bonnie laughed. "Of course it is Freddy your name is written all over the sign after all." Me and Chika laughed along with Bonnie. I looked over at Foxy who was looking up set. "What's wrong Foxy?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. "How come I never be on the sign Freddy?" He asked me with his head hanging down. Chika laughed and lifted his head up before I had the chance to say a word. "Oh Foxy stop being so silly. Your the surprise for the children when they come!!!" Foxy smiled and hugged Chika. "Your right I was being silly thanks guys I know I can always count on you to make things better." I smiled at him and the others. "Well guys what do you say we get to know our new home!!!" They all cheered.

We started to walk around a bit and the first place we found was the party room. "Wow they sure do have lots of colors huh?" I sighed. "Yeah they have to Bonnie it's a children's place after all." I shook my head and covered my face with my hand. "I wonder sometimes about your Bonnie." I pulled out a map to see what other places their where since it seemed to us that as soon as we left he party room we couldn't find anything else. I looked at the map and got more confused then I was before. "Shhhs this place is really complexes isn't it?" Foxy stood next to me soon and looked at the map form over my shoulder. "Uhhh....Captain where be the pirates cove!!!!?" "That's a good question Foxy it's got to be around here some where...."

We searched the map and high and low but just couldn't find the spot. Mean while Bonnie and Chika looked at an old poster of us. "Is that really how I look?" Bonnie said sounding upset. "Awwww I think you look cute." Chika said as her face turned red. "Come on guys lets keep going. They all nodded and soon we started to walk down the halls again. "You don't think that they would get ride of me do you?" Foxy asked us sounding more scared then nervous. "Whhaaaa no way Foxy your one of the favorites around here." I pated him on the back to clam him down. Bonnie looked around at the new place and gave me a disapproving look. "It's a bit cutesy don't your think?" Mean while Chika's eyes light up with wonder and happiness. "I like it that way!!!" Bonnie looked at her a bit worried. "I don't know I got a bad feeling about this place." I laughed at Bonnie. "O calm down where going to be fine guys." Bonnie laughed. "Yeah your right I'm being crazy."

We kept on walking after that. That is until we meet some one else. "Ahem....I don't mean to intrude on this admiral parade or folks seem to be pretty lost huh?" I turned around to see a dark shadow. "Huh...who are you?" The shadow stepped closer. We where now able to see that their was 3 of them!!! Their was blue bunny and yellow chick and white foxy that was missing one eye. The bunny stepped closer to us. "Sorry but I must ask that you play nice here. You see we don't take rule barkers so nicely." I stepped closer now and took charge. "Hello my name is Freddy Faze bear. Now may I ask who you are exactly...after all you do seem to be on a lot of posters around here." I pointed to the posters on the walls. The blue bunny smiled at us. "You see my name is Bonnie but most people call me Bonbon."

Next thing I knew Bonnie jumped out from behind me and lunged out at the blue bunny names Bonbon. "Now you just wait a  minute their pal!!!" He yelled as he stepped closer to the other bunny. Bonbon laughed. "O I'm sorry could that have been your name by any chance honeybun?" He said to Bonnie in a teasing tone. Bonnie growled at Bonbon. "Yes it is my name!!!" Bonbon laughed and turned away. "Well you see where no longer in need of your services  bunny boy." Bonbon turned to leave. Leaving me to try and hold back Bonnie. "THAT'S IT!!!" He screamed as he tried to brake free form my grip and attack Bonbon. I tried my best to calm him down. "Now listen here Bonnie clam down the last thing we need is more trouble." He sighed and looked at me with anger in his eyes. "Are you crazy!!!! Their no way they can replace me with this girl!!!"

Bonbon turned to the others a smirk on his or hers face. "Did I just here that right lady's?" The chick laughed. "Uh...Oh their goanna get it." Then the white fox stepped out of the shadows reveling to us that she was just like Foxy!!! "Ye'll be regretting them words, laddie. Nothin pushes his buttons more then that!" the white fox said to us. Out of no where Bonbon's smirk turned into an angry smile. "You know I tried really hard to be nice. I really did...." She broke the pipe she was holding in her hands as he turned around to face us. "But I see now that you wont be cooperating any time soon. Such a shame to I m sure we would have been great friends too." Bonbon laughed a little.

"If your going to storm into our place and brake the rules....well then I guess ill have to treat you all as such...." He turned to the fox and said, "Vixen would you kindly show these out siders what we do to rule barkers?" The white fox named Vixen smiled. "T,would be me pleasure Bonbon....after all rule barkers never be prospers." She said as she turned to look at us. I saw what was going to happen as I shoved the others aside. "BONNIE CHIKA MOVE FAST!!!" I screamed as I pushed them aside. "Wait Freedy don't!!!" Bonnie screamed as I pushed him. "Freddy!!!" Chika said I made sure to aim her at Bonnie knowing he would catch her and keep her safe.

When I turned around I couldn't help but scream as loud as I could when I saw how close her face was to mine. "Ahhhhhh!!!!" "Freddy!!!!" Bonnie and Chika both screamed at me looking worried. I had to keep telling my self that I was doing this for them. "CAPTIN!!!!" I heard Foxy call out from behind. I managed to look at him for a second and smile. I had to show him things would be all right. She laughed at me as I struggled to turn around and face again. "T,was a brave move you did their land lover and a dumb one too." She laughed again and smirked at me knowing that I had no where to go. I went to say something back but before I could Foxy jumped at her and knocked her off me. "Get off him!!!" I heard him scream as I fell and hit the floor blacking out.

Bonnie's pov:

We where surrounded now and Freddy was knocked out cold. I knew I had to save them but I just didn't know how. I went to run over to Freddy to help him out. "Don't worry Freddy I'm coming!!!" I said as I started to run over to his side. Before I could even move I heard Chika call out to me. "Bonnie help!!!!" I turned to see the yellow chick was on top of my Chika. I got mad and ran over to help her knowing that Freddy would understand that no one messes with our Chika. "Chika!!!" I screamed as I ran towards toward her. "No Bonnie wait look behind you." I was confused as I turned around. "What?" Not having much time to think before Bonbon punched me in the face throwing me back off my feet a bit.

She laughed at me. "Just give up all ready I'm tougher then I look you know." I smirked. "That may be true but you still hit like a girl. I smiled at her making her even more mad. I didn't get why she wouldn't just admit she was girl all ready. "THAT'S IT YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!" She screamed at me as she started to run at me with all her might. I was still lying on the floor from her last attack so I knew I had to think quick. She ran fast and jumped lunging at me . I caught her off guard and pushed her off me with my feet sending her flying into the Yellow bird that was on top of Chika. The only word she managed to get out before going air born was. "Wha....."

She hit the yellow bird right in the chest making a loud thump when the both fell. I go up and walked over to help Chika up. "You may be strong but I have secrets to you know....I'm a lot smarter then I look." I smiled at her. I looked over at Foxy and Vixen where still fighting to the death. I turned toward Chika. "Are you okay?" I asked a worried look in my eyes. She smiled at me and nodded. "Yeah I'm fine." I smiled and then she did her normal thing and asked me a bunch of questions. "Thanks Bonnie but how did you do that!!!??? I mean have you always been able to do that?" I sighed and shrugged at her.

Foxy and Vixen both started to tare each other apart and I knew that Foxy wouldn't last much longer and I would have to help him. I looked back at Chika who was still waiting. "I don't know it was like a memory came back to me because when I was doing I felt like I had done it before as child though you know?" I looked at Chika who looked at me blankly and shook her head. I sighed. "For get I said anything then." We both heard the sound of ripping and Chika got scared looing over at Freddy. "I really hope Freddy's okay...." I looked at her. "You and me both but come on we got to go...." I said as I started to move towards Freddy.

I pulled Freddy into my lap making sure he was fine. "He's going to make it right?" Chika said to me on the brake of tears. I wanted to say something to sooth her but I couldn't think of anything so I stayed quit. Finally I found the words to say and boy was I happy!!! "He's going to be fine it isn't as bad as it looks." I said with a sigh of relive setting Chika's mind at rest. Chika nodded. "That's good to hear what about...." before she could finish we heard a loud scream causing us both to scream at the same time "FOXY!!!!"

"No Please....." I said as I handed Freddy over to Chika and ran trying to grab Vixen's arm before she killed Foxy who layed in pain on the floor. I got mad seeing as she had all ready taken 2 of my friends. "2 friends!!! That's a lot Fox!!!" I screamed as I picked up speed letting my anger take over me. I could hear Chika yelling something and trying to warn me but I couldn't really hear her. Right before I could reach Vixen a hand grabbed my arm. "Now that is quit enough!" It said in an angry voice as it ripped my arm off. "Wha..." It all happened so fast. I felt the world start to spin as I feel to the floor. I screamed out in pain as the monster pulled my arm off hearing that Freddy had woken up. "BONNIE!!!" he screamed in a worried voice. I smiled as I hit the floor and let a tear slip from my eye. It was nice to know someone still cared about me and that I wasn't junk after all. I fell to the floor with my only arm reached out toward Foxy. I managed to whisper before blacking out. "Foxy please be okay...."

Chika's pov:

Last thing I saw was Bonnie running over to save Foxy. I called out to him trying to warn him. "Bonnie please be carful! Something doesn't feel right here!" He didn't seem to hear me though. I heard Freddy groan as he started to wake up just in time to see Bonnie fall. I looked away as tears started to fall. How could they do that to him.... He did nothing wrong... The two stood their talking for awhile leaving us to feel sorry for our selves. "I could have handled that Capitan I think ye over did it." Vixen said to a big bear. "And you wouldn't...Vixen why did you attack knew I didn't want this?" The bear sounded very up set and mad. "I just be following me orders caption." The big bear sighed giving up on the argument. "Just bring them to the servos room as of now none of them will be touched until further notice. Do I make my self clear?" He said to Vixen taking charge now. Vixen turned to look at me sending shivers down my spine.

"Aye Aye and what about the Chicken suppose she be fighting back too?" The big bear saved me by saying, "Don't even think Vixen besides I'm sure she under stands what will happen if she does...." So that was where they took us. As soon as they dropped us off Foxy went and curled up in a corner and listened to his music box and me and Freddy waited anxiously for Bonnie to wake up soon so we would know he was okay after all.

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