the positives and negatives of tevelision


1. tellyvision

To the students and teachers who are reading this. I am writing on a topic that has proven to be both controversial and a blessing. It is the subject of television. Many of you may have a strong opinion on the article, while others just read it because their mammies pestered them to read about the evils of television and if you laugh at the slightest rude joke you can forget about going to the man in the sky as He doesn’t want to be there when you demand a request for “staying alive”. This article will not be like that and I hope to show both sides of the spectrum. Television is like a magic wand. One sweep of the edit stick and you can make anything or anyone perfect. The girls are always immaculate and the boys sexy. Even the nerd that sits in the corner is a fashion model in glasses. We can become very envious of the fact that you never see them having a bad hair day or them being on their “time of the month”. Television is the parent of the wonderful child named stereotype. Gone are the days of the black and white minstrels who made the racists laugh their buttock off at their stereotyped shenanigans but there still seems to be a sliver of who’s who in this world. Like for example they make out that blondes are nothing but attention seeking Barbie’s who only survives on water, cotton wool and insincere compliments on how thin they are or the bony computer geek who has nothing better to do then stalk a girl to the point where he is hiding in potted plant or sending her carpet samples. But we can also give television a pat on the back for the fact it can open our mind to the world and current affairs that occur around the world. It can make even the strongest man become a blubbering mess at the sight of Marley and me. But most importantly it can bring us together in a sort of unison. Although there is a silent war between two girls or politicos argue over policies they initially come to an agreement of how Jeremy Clarkson is the heart and soul of the BBC. So despite what you think of television I have come to a conclusion that it can transport us away from the same routine we have and spit us out a different maybe more positive person.
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