The Hunger Games

it is a remix of the great book


1. Death Sentence

I woke this morning to the screams of a woman. They were coming from our neighbour’s house. I couldn’t do anything. It’s 1pm and the screams are still ringing in my ears. Obviously torture. The crime rate had gone up by 83% in the past month. It’s because it’s the reaping today. I have to be at the town centre by 7pm.

“ Jamie!” an annoyingly familiar voice calls.

“ I told you to call me James!” I reply with a vague hint of annoyance. Mum keeps calling me what other kids in school used to call me. Jamie. It makes her feel like I am still a kid. Parents always like you better when you are 12 rather than 18.

“ We are out of food!” she shouts aggressively. We, like most other families have to trade for food. I go hunting and take something I can sell to the market.

It’s always crowded in the market. The worst part of it is that there are so many thieves. I quickly, but carefully work my way around the mass of people in front of me. I manage to trade my 4 hares for 2 fresh loaves of bread. Bread is a titbit here in sector 25.

After eating the exquisite bread my twin sister and I head for town centre. There we saw Grace. The supporter for the contestants. She has a very extravagant lifestyle. Well every one from the 26th sector is like her.

The boys and girls are separated by a majestic red carpet. Grace goes and chooses a pair of names from the big glass bowl.

“James Toping and Charlotte Toping.” She reads out clearly. What are the odds? My sister and I. Out of 10 million, us two. I can see my sister crying out of the corner of my eye. We walk on to the red carpet and walk up the everlasting stairs. We have basically just been put to a death sentence, wait worse.

It was the longest hour of my life. Charlotte is still blubbering. She even did it on live television. I don’t blame her. No one from our sector has ever won the games. In 74 years not even a single one.

The next few hours we sat silently. Grace did try to make us feel better but she only made it worse. Soon it was dinnertime. There was a feast laid down on the table. This amount of food could last my family for a year. Charlotte and I scoff up the food like a pair of starved Howlers.

After we get off the train, we are sent to our private room. Each sector gets its own. It is colossal in size and has everything from expensive looking electric chandeliers to things like toasters, microwaves and ovens. There is even a brand new 20 by 20 inch television, something that we can’t even afford.

We walked ploddingly to the training arena. This is our chance to make some friends and detect our enemies. Once we were inside we realized something instantly, we were going to die. There were only 2 sectors that would let us in. To be honest with you we would probably be better without them, but I figured we could use all the help we could get. Sector’s 1,2,6,7,13 and 16 had formed an alliance. 4,8,9,11 and 18 formed one as well, but the one I am worried about is the one with sectors 3,5,10,12,14,15,17 and 20. Every one else who isn’t in my alliance is going solo. I know for sure they’re dead.

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