The Followers

This story is an experience like nothing else. As a young 18 year-old girl, tries to decide to run or stay and help her boyfriend find a safe place to live. It sounds hard but what makes it even harder is that her and everyone else, have powers. Elijah is hunting them and their race is slowly deteriorating. Can she save them, or will she die.


1. A turning Point




     I’ve always dreamed of flying. But the thing was I was scared to. It wasn’t the height that scared me it was the fact that I could fall at any given time. I mean, come on, being high with the birds and being able to get a birds eye view of everything, sounds amazing doesn’t it. I would like to fly with no support, no limit to what I can do. Being able to fly so high, it begins to snow. It’s a fantasy I know, but it’s cool right? 

     Well what if you could actually do it meaning fly with no limits or support? What if you could do anything you wanted not JUST fly, control the elements of nature, be immune to any danger, and live forever, turn things to ice or evaporate objects with a simple hand gesture, be able to go anywhere you want with a single thought, be able to read peoples minds and control groups of people? What if you found a group of people who could do this? It probably wouldn’t be as special. But there is. I know because I am one of these people. Me and my friends are all people who I just described, with powers like nothing you have ever seen before. We are, The Followers 






     The truth was, I was depressed I was abused by my mother and just couldn’t take it anymore. I always told people about my mom and no one ever believed me. They all knew me as the girl who liked to get my mom in trouble.      One year when I was with my mom out grocery shopping, I took someone’s phone out of there purse and put into my mothers. The lady with the missing phone saw her phone in my moms purse and called the police. I was four at the time and of course it was my fault. My mother never got off her lazy ass and did anything. 

    I told my friend I was going to kill my self but she didn’t believe me. So I proved her wrong. 

     I was working that day at the N.Y.C.M.I. ,New York City Music Industry. I had came to work that day and I started shelving then I felt like crying. Knowing my mother was home on the couch drinking at five o’clock in the morning probably already drunk was depressing. On top of that my boss didn’t pay me and I knew  I couldn’t afford my moms beer so that meant another bruise on my head and another scar from her cigar.

     My friend Tasha pulled up in her black Mustang. She had black hair and brown eyes. She was African American but she was light colored. She was tall and thick. She was rich and so loaded with money that she could probably buy everything in New York. I still couldn’t figure out why she still worked. I know that if I was as rich as her I would have a pent house. I would more than likely run away and build a company just to show my mom that i was better than her. 

    She asked me what was wrong. I told her I loved her and that I couldn’t take the pain any more so I ran up the stairs to try and loose her. I finally did loose her. I got on the elevator and pressed the white shining button that said ROOFTOP. 

    The elevator music so did not fit the situation. I thought it was funny so i laughed. 

    I knew what I was going to do. I was going to commit suicide. 

    The door finally opened after five minutes and 1,500 feet up I stood up at the very edge of the building. I was questioning myself ‘was i good enough, could I actually do it’. I heard the elevator door ring and out came Tasha. “What are you doing Diane!” she said.

 “I,m tired of living this way, I...I just want to end it. I love you and I will never forget you. Bye Tasha.”

    “ there are better ways to handle this Diane.”

    “ Are you sure?”

    “ Yes, there are. We could get you help. We-”

    “ Exactly! Everyone want to get me help. Don’t you see, there is no help for me. I’m hopeless. I am no use to this world i’m just a waste of space.”

    .... And then.... I jumped.


     I thought I was gone but I didn’t actually hit the ground. I know it sounds unbelievable but  I landed feet first, and standing perfectly fine, in fact great! I wasn’t depressed anymore. I felt like I could do anything, but something felt wrong, everyone had their phones out recording me. 

    With jaw to the ground a little boy came up to me a said “ Are you Wonder Woman?” I still couldn’t figure out what had happened and then I realized that I was no where near the N.Y.C.M.I. I was on the other side of town. I thought I was dead, in another world, perhaps limbo. It had to Limbo. Right then and there I knew I had flown. 


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