Royal High

Princess Nina was sent to Royal High,to study her princess duties,regulations and royal laws.As she learns about the 7 Chosen Kingdoms and The Erleanor's Book,she finds herself in an indoor adventure throughout the whole school,searching for clues,unraveling mysteries and learning prophecies together with the help of her friends,and the story continues.


1. ~Chapter One~

                                                             Chapter One


<Nina's POV>

I woke up,but not intentionally.The maids' bell rang again,and I'm pretty thankful for it.I could have had another scolding from my mother,the Queen.But even though she loves to boss me around,I still love her.She made the last sixteen years of my life great,even without father.

I stepped out of my bed and answered the knocks on my door.I knew what it was,actually.It was my daily morning routine coming my way,and nothing's gonna stop it.

"Good morning,your highness." Natalie,the castle keeper who was assigned to assist me everyday,greeted before she bowed after me.I really am uncomfortable when someone does,because I think I am no more special than anyone else.

"Good morning,Natalie." I greeted back.

"We have to get you ready,your majesty,the Queen and the Duke of Berlington would like to meet you at the dining room." Natalie quietly said.I let her into my room,and let her pick the clothes I am going to wear and let her arrange my schedule.

That was how strict my mother was.She always gives orders to the castle keepers for even the teeniest part of royalty.I looked at the dress Natalie wanted me to wear.

'You'll have to look simple,yet elegant.' That's what my mother used to say to me when I was young.I can tell mother gave this order of the dress code to Natalie.

I walked to the dining room and joined my mother and the Duke.I bowed after each of them,as they bowed before me.I quietly sat by the right of the seat of the Queen,which was the left end of the long,dining table.My father used to sit on the other end.I was facing the Duke,him with his eyes on my mother.We had a conversation as we had breakfast.

"Elennina,this is the Duke of Berlington,your new mentor." My mother introduced.The Duke gestured his head as if he was saying 'Hello.'

"A pleasure to meet you,your highness." I greeted.

"Same to you,Princess." He greeted back."As your new mentor,I personally would love to have you entered at the Royal School,where princesses and princes are taught royalty laws,regulations and duties.Would you like to come,your majesty?" 

My mother looked at me with  questioning eyes.

"Absolutely,your highness.Royal School sounds amazing." I shyly answered.I didn't want to,though.It was okay to learn about Royalty,here.But I didn't want to disappoint my mother,or to put her to shame in front of the Duke.

"Very well," My mother said calmly."You shall go to Royal School tomorrow.Now,get ready,Elennina." 

I nodded,and joined them as they move out of the dining table.My mother had a talk with the Duke,and I excused myself to go outside.

Looking at the pillars,the huge glass windows,jewels and crests,I made my way to the land outside the castle,where grass were really green and short.When I was young,I used to walk in the lands barefooted,because I loved the feeling of soft grass against the skin of my feet.

I walked and walked until I got to the flower garden.I picked some flowers for the vase in my bedroom.As I move about searching for the best flowers to pick,I saw some bees that flutter around the orchids and butterflies around some tulips and carnations.

After that,I walked again to the stables to check my horse.

He was standing there,with pure black skin and a dark mane.That's why I named him Ebony.I got him when I was only eight,as a gift from the Duchess of Irwenburgh.Still a little,small horse.

The next day,I prepared for the trip to Royal School.Natalie has packed everything I needed in three bags and a box.I bid goodbye to her,the other keepers,and my mother.

"Come on,your highness.Let us go." The Duke said.I nodded and walked to the carriage.It was only me in that carriage,and my things.It was being pulled by a horse and one coach controlling it.I waved my last goodbye to mother.

It was a long trip.Two days and one night.I noticed myself getting excited for this.Am I?At first,I didn't want to go.But now?





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