"promise you won't be mad?"
[lower case intended]


1. [prologue]



"promise you won't be mad?" my throat felt dry; eyes red from crying. sam said nothing, her hand placed on my own. there was so much silence; but it said a lot. and that's what mattered -- that's all that mattered. but it wouldn't last long because she was going to hate me. forever maybe, and a couple of years if i was lucky.


"promises are overrated nowadays, don't you think?"


"just fucking promise," i whispered, "please."


"what's going on, oliver? you're starting to scare me."


"i... you've always been there for me, right?"


"yes, i believe so. and?"


"you'd do anything for me, right?"


"what are you getting at?"


"i might've did something. something bad."


"bad as in..."


i bit on my lower lip, eyes squeezing shut.


"what did you do?!"


"i did what i needed to do. i had to do it." tears slowly slid down my flushed cheeks, voice cracking. "i - i killed him. i did it for you; for us. all he did was hurt you. i was just sick and tired of you calling me at five in the morning crying."


the silence said a lot. that's what mattered -- that's all that mattered.



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