How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other one was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert.WHat do u think happened Read to find out 4 boys 3 girls


1. the beginning

Hi my name is Daisy I am 20 years old this is the story about how I met 6 amazing people and 2 of them were girls that I met through the internet they meant the world to me the rest were boys they all fours were my best friends that also meant the world to me. But I had feeling for 2of them so did they so this is the story of my life.

I got up today thinking that my life would get better when I went to school but did not. As I entered the school everybody's eyes were on me then suddenly I bumped into someone I look up to see it was my enemy Alesha

Alesha: watch where ur goin u idiot

Daisy: I'm sorry... But was cut off by a punch I fell to the ground and was bleeding

Alesha: oops I'm sorry smirked and walked away

Everybody was staring at me and laughing I could care less what they think.

I grabbed my bad and ran home once I got home I got a message from my cousin.

My cousin

Her name is Kendal she is 17 yeas old big 5 sos fan she was obsessed with them.

Anyway back to my part I got a message she said to go onto 5aos fanfics and check out the new movellas that people wrote so I did. Although I was not really interested until one didn't catch my eye I read it and it was from some one names Alex.

So I decided to comment on it and kiked her to let get know I liked it so I did.

After a few mins I got a response and we spoke about stuff and bands.then I realized this is the forest person that is talking and really cares about me. I told Alex everything that I used to self harm and get bullied she just told me not to care and don't listen to them so I did. It was nice getting to know Alex she vacant like my mom until Alex told me to talk to one of her friends Lola since I wanted to make new friends we all started a group chat and spoke to each other but being in different countries we couldn't talk that long. After we had done chatting I was so happy that I finally made some friends . No I'm like very normal 16 year old im not different I realized.

Hi guys sorry if this is getting boring or is boring because this is the beginning sorry for my mistakes and no hate please this is my first fanfic. U can add me on kik cimranfrancis :) thanks let me know what do u think I should change kik me

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