The Deepest Mirror

The journey of a boy who grows up loving things that are highly misunderstood by his family and peers along with the trials and tribulations that come with coming to terms with becoming an adult and facing the true crossroads that life offers


1. Dream Damages

The walls of young Brenton's life were crumbling before him at the young age of 16. Adulthood and responsibilities were creeping around the corners of his existence so fast that it seemed all the things that were conquering his mind were yet to materialize into words. Young Brenton felt that his life was going in the right guided direction that it was seemingly supposed to. He had a talent of music, both playing and listening, along with the love of its expression that it allowed. Praise was always there from family as all they wanted for him was to succeed and be happy as most loving families would want for a young man growing into adulthood. This praise was not enough however. The only friend Brenton had was about to leave for good and the school year had barely even begun. By this point in school life, people had made their friends and enemies. Brenton felt he had no one to turn to and no way to express his pain. Something had been wrong for years and it wasn't until a visit with a psychologist that young Brenton found out that he had a form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. "What is this mom?" Brenton exclaims in frustration. His mother Janice had tried to explain to him that the reasons for the things he likes is because of fixations that are triggered by a neurological disorder. Brenton hated the name of the disorder much less its meaning. Not only was Brenton struggling with the news of his neurological disorder and the loss of a dear friend, but he also was struggling with feelings for another friend that he knew deep down could not be reciprocated and the repercussions he feared with facing this deep truth.

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