My Annoying Neighbour

Kylie Zhang (Krystal Jung) is living a normal teenagers life, working multiple jobs and hanging out with friends on days off. Then one day her boring life gets intruded by a new neighbour. He's loud, annoying and seems to be from a different planet- and has seemed to find an interest in Kylie, but is it mutual?


1. New Guy in Town

>> Kylie Zhang,

"Have a nice day sir" I call out to the old grumpy guy that leaves the restaurant while still complaining about the 'dry' fish.

I release the frustrated sigh that I have kept in ever since taking his order. Sometimes I wished I wasn't a waitress, but then again there aren't any better jobs out there for a twenty year old. It's cruel how my entire '94 line is doomed to waiting tables or working in a store stocking items.

"Kyles, stop slacking off. It makes me look like the employer of the month" a female voice behind me says before snickering softly. "You know what, never mind just keep doing what you are doing".

I roll my eyes before giving her a friendly push. "Oh shut up Erin, you let me take his order so I have the right to sigh".

"Fine. I'm sorry for giving you the grumpy guy, so movie night at yours tonight".

Erin gives me a pleading look where I can't say no to. "Fine, just stop with those eyes will you".

She simply gives me a thumbs up before getting back to work. With the little patience I have left I get back to my shift for the last fifteen minutes before I can head home again and I can't wait to get home and relax a little.

------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------

At least it's four and I'm done with work. With a smile I throw my apron on the table before saying goodbye to everyone, giving Erin a final slap on the back of her head.

Working at the restaurant wasn't that bad, especially since Erin works here too so it was never boring. Erin was the one who introduced me to the owner of the restaurant so it's all because of her that I got a job there. Before the restaurant we both used to do paper rounds but it was lots of work with little money you got in return.

I remember the day I met Erin as if it was yesterday, it was at elementary school when we were both four years old. Our dark brown hair was braided into two braids while wearing a red shirt, black jeans and matching shoes. That's the reason why people thought we were twins, until we got older and the differences became more visible.

I finally reach my apartment but the first thing I notice is the truck blocking my view, guess I will have a new neighbour. Nope I am not happy with this, I liked my old neighbour since she was always friendly and quiet. Sadly she moved to Florida after she retired. With heavy feet I walk up to my house and sneakily look around on my toes to see what kind of person is living next to me. All I see are the men in their late thirties lifting boxes into the apartment. Maybe if the truck is gone I could say hello and be a nice neighbour. Suddenly I hear the ruffling of leaves behind me, so I turn around slowly like in those horror movies. A soft shriek escapes my mouth when I see a guy standing in front of me with his hoodie pulled over his eyes.

"Hi neighbour, I'm your neighbour" he says in a dark husky voice.

No, no I need to old lady back! I will even personally fly to Florida to beg her to come back because this guy is seriously freaking me out!

"H-hi" I say with a slight stutter.

I hear the guy chuckle with a different voice - this one sounding more human then the other - before he takes his hoodie off. I'm greeted by a pair of brown friendly looking eyes along with a cheesy grin on his face. I had to admit that he is pretty handsome for a guy who tries to play a serial killer, although I don't feel attracted by this guy right now.

"Hah neighbour did I scare you" he asks casually as he leans against my doorframe, his face only a few centimetres away from mine. "Because I am sorry for scaring you, say what's your name", he bites his lower lip while giving me some kind of flirtatious look. I am seriously not falling for this, this guy is so annoying!

I shake my head while trying to remember where I left the key of the door. "No you didn't. What's your name" I say trying to dodge his question.

This guy seriously startled me so he owns me to answer before me right?

"Ah Kylie Zhang you like to play games huh" he snickers as my eyes widen in surprise, how does he even know my name? But before I can ask him he continues talking. "Yes I already learned your name because of this", he points at the name tag underneath the doorbell. "I'm Jackson, your handsome new neighbour and I'm pleased to meet you too Kylie Zhang",

He extends his hand to me but I quickly open my bag to retrieve my keys. This guy really creeps me out and I want to get out of this situation.

"Yes, yes nice to meet you. However don't walk around like a serial killer with your hoodie on or else someone will call the cops on you, unless you truly are a burglar. Anyway I got to go since my friend is coming over, so yeah bye" I rant and finally found my keys on the bottom of my bag, no surprise since things seem to live their own lives in my bag.

Jackson only snickers as he nods. "Of course dear, I shall see you soon, that's what the universe wants".

"Right now you sound so much like Dharma from Dharma and Greg" I say mockingly but he doesn't seem to realise it since he just smiles brightly.

"Ah yes I like Greg Montgomery but I don't like Aaron Hotchner, he doesn't smile and that creeps me out" he gives me a wide smile before turning around. "Bye Dharma dear".

I roll my eyes as I enter my apartment. My new neighbour is an idiot, weird and don't forget annoying...

------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------x ------

- Date started: 21 - 03 - 2015

- Date ended:

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Annyeong guys! I hope you liked the first chapter of my first short story on Movellas :)), my other short stories are on wattpad at CastilloKid. Love A ♡~¤

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