Thrown into Marvel

A woman is thrown into Marvel while picking a lock. Yes, that is how she makes her grand entrance to Marvel. She finds herself in a familiar area which makes her think she had blacked out. It is only when she meets Loki that things begin not making sense. Also; there is one small problem. Wanna know? Then read it.
Cover by: vviillaann


1. A black out? maybe not

I was picking a lock using a pair of nail clippers.My brother Lewis had the worse timing to lock the door when his little sister has just come to feed the fish and then cash out on the long ass couch.Really, his couch is so wide and comfy that a couple girls could pile on falling asleep at night in big sweatshirts. I had proven for a fact when me and the girls were coming back from Disneyland. I had my tongue out, partially.


"Come on, you irritating lock," I said.


And then something tugged me at the leg.


"Buzz of, psycho," I said. "I have pepper spray and if I were you then I would back off."


The tug become stronger.


Damn this sicko must be determined to get sprayed at the eyes.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" I shout, turning around.


I was literately thrown; I could feel this strange nauseous feeling coming through my head and my eyes had closed expecting for the impact. My skin feels wet as did my recently bought dark sea blue blouse. Yes, even the women who go out and wear these fancy clothing hate it when their blouses get wet. Especially when they had JUST bought it. I hit the side walk getting bruise to the side of my face(most likely, of course) as it is impossible for me not to get a bruise.


I get back up.


That sick feeling was gone.


That coward fled after throwing me. Serves him right!


"Uck," I said, dusting off my pants.  "Ah hell," I threw my hands up into the air.  "My good pants are ruined."


Looks like I may have to steal some of Lewis's pants for the night and then go to the Laundromat to get these dirty clothes clean. I go off to the door noticing that it has something new; a unique carving of a lion. Thankfully I still had the nail clippers. Good old nail clippers for breaking and entering a sibling's house to crash in. I applied the nail clipper's to the hole in the knob.


"Come on," I said. "Work!"


"It won't work if you keep sticking out that way," I heard a young man's voice.


I look over my shoulder.


No one is there.


"Hm?" I said, raising a brow. "That's strange..." I turn back towards the door lowering my eyebrow. "Thought I heard someone."


"Yes, you did," Came the voice again.


I look down to see a white and black cat with green sparkling eyes.


"Aw a kitten," I said. "Go off and  find some-one else to let you in." I merely dismiss the cat. "I am busy here."


I turn my attention back to the door.


"Doesn't look like you are," The cat said. 


I fell right over the rail and landed on my back.


"Ow," I said.


The cat jumps onto the rail.


"I am not a kitten,immature lock picker," The cat continues, chastising me. My eyes went wide seeing the cat's mouth move. "I am a cat."


I get up on my legs taking out my old flip phone from my pocket.


"I so gotta take a selfie,"  I said. "Wait up." I held up the  phone and made one of my well known bright smiles and pressed the 'snap' button on the phone. This one is among those of few to be built between new and old. "Done!"


"What did you do with that machine?" The cat asks.


"Selfie, talking cat," I said with a laugh.


The cat tilts it's head.


"You're taking this lightly," The cat said, in a 'that is not normal' tone.


"I am dreaming," I said putting my  flip-phone away. I still held the nail clippers. "And you're not real," I put the nail clippers into my purse. "I blacked out because some guy took me by my leg refusing to believe I have pepper-spray."


The cat jumps off the rail landing in front of the door.


"I am very much real," The cat said.


A thick gray and purple'ish smoke appears in where the cat had landed.


Lewis hates it when some one has smoked at his front door.


Lewis all together hates smoking, period. Lewis would replace his door instead of coming to the door smelling that god awful stench every single day. The smoke clears away to leave a man in where the cat once stood. I saw a tall, young, and skinny yet prince like man with a pair of bright green eyes that reminded me of two small pools. His face reminded me of the fanart for a Marvel villain at comic-con. There were several girls and boys dressed up as this man running around doing poses, waving long items they called 'scepters', and all chased after the large group of people with 'sonics' screeching 'our weapon is better than yours!'.


I blink.


"Fanboy?" I ask. "You're dressed like that guy with a scepter."


"I am that guy with the scepter," The man who had changed from a cat tells me.  "I am Loki."


The name sounds familiar.


"Hold on a sec," I said,taking out my flip phone.


"Your machine is out of touch with this current tech," Loki said.


"So are the wind turbines," I sarcastically said.


"Wind turbines are actually modern use of collecting energy," Loki said, taking in a peek through the window.  I turn on the flashlight to the flip phone. "Hm, living with a  group of men who do not wear anything."


I aimed the flip phone right towards Loki. The light brightens up his face. I froze in place, gasping.


"No replies," Loki said, turning his head away from the window. "Perhaps you'll give me a response if I zapped you in there."


"OH MY GOD!" I shriek.


  "I am a god," Loki said, with a nod.  "That I am." Loki held up his hand to shield his eyes from my phone's light.  "Turn your machine off."


  "YOU'RE THAT LAUFEYSON GUY!" I yell, and with that, I ran off really scared.


Isn't fictional characters suppose to stay fictional?


Perhaps I didn't have a simple black out.


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