When a girl named Leah goes to Hogwarts she makes a surprising discovery,but what will it be?Tears will be spilled,and so will blood.Join Leah and her friends as they unravel the secrets of past...


2. King's cross staion

I stand on platform 9 with my best friends Skylar and Summar,waiting for the teacher to tell us what 2 do bc our tickets say platform 9 and 3 4,but none of us no were that is!!!!!! so its not very practical,obvs.OMG theres a rly hot boy cuming over with a big stick that's weird."hey"he says in a really hot voice"im draco Malfoy and you guys must be the awesome ppl from Gregory hills, yeah?""Yeah" we reply and he winks at me.Omg, he winks at me that's so cpool OMg I <3 him rite now he must <3 me 2 rite!?!?!"Cool follow me" so off we all go walking threw a wall and OMG it didnt even hurt like at all hats so cool!!!"WElcome" he says"to platfrom 9 and 3 4

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