Which one

Jess is in the worst situation that all girls find themselves in at some point in their lives. She likes two different boys. Luke and calum. Both are in a band called 5 seconds of summer. And both are in the same school. Who does she go for. calum is crazy about her, luke not so much.


1. first day in school💘

Jess' P.O.V

First day back at school after a long summer break. I had to join this school this year because my old school was knocked down. I knew Calum Hood and Luke hemmings were at this school, there in a really cool band called 5sos, I had seen them live a few times. I love calum, he's my faverouite band member.

As I walked into class It caught my eye that calum and luke were there. There was a spare seat next to calum so I put my bag down and sat down.

"Hi" calum said.

"Hello" I replied shyly

"So what's your name gorgeous?" He asked.

"Jess" I replied, with a warm smile.

Everyone was looking at me. It was scary stating a new school but calum seemed pretty friendly.

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