Five Is Worse Than Three.

He is scared.



But not just any divergent. He has an aptitude for all 5 factions. And he trusts no one.
*divergent fanfiction*
DeviantArt contributor made the cover.


1. chapter one

"Edwin, Leonardo!" an Abnegation woman calls.

Aptitude tests.

I get up, say goodbye to my friends, and follow her to a strange room.

There is a chair in the center of the room. It looks like a dentist's chair, except metal.

"Lay down," says the Stiff. She's holding a syringe and a needle.

"What's that for?" I ask, a bit afraid.

"I'm going to inject this into you. Don't be scared, now."

"I'm Dauntless," i interject. "I'm not scared."

And then my world goes black.

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