Alive (Naruto FanFic)

I never meant my father, don't want to. Why? Simple, he is an evil man. I know one day I will have to meet him.
My mother never loved him. She was his slave, his toy he played with in anyway to his liking.
He kidnapped her, enslaved her, tortured, and abused her. Yet her will never broke. Though after a few months he grew tired of her, he severely wounded her and left her to die in the forest. Though her cries helped save her.
Now, my mother fears him So we must move at the slightest hint of his presence.
I am nothing like my father, is what I wish to believe, but others say differently.
Everyday I struggle to not be like him, but I am losing the war. I always will because I was born with a curse, a power no person should have. A power that many crave.
The power over life and death.

(Warning: Written in Third Person)


1. Another Day, Another Move

"Alright, Come at me again and at full force this time. Take all your anger and frustration out on me," a young boy yelled at his red head friend across the training field. The other boy nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Sand Coffin," the red headed boy said. Soon sand was racing from him to the other boy, who stood still waiting for the sand to arrive. The sand quickly crawled up the boy and encasing him a coffin of sand. Then it started to slowly to crush him. The boy bit the inside of his cheek at the pressure of the sand. The boy focused, concentrating his dark ability to every part of his body, letting it slowly seep out through his clothes and into the sand. As the dark power entered the sand, the sand loosened around the encased boy and slowly fell away. Once he was completely free the young boy falls to his knees gasping for air. The boy opened his eyes, bringing the dark power back to him, and looked at his friend.

"No need to be so tense Gaara. I am perfectly fine, just need to be able to hold my breath longer," the young boy said answering his friends unspoken worry. He off of the desert floor and brushed himself off.

"I am not helping with that Tomoe," Gaara stated crossing his arms. Tomoe looked at Gaara and smiled.

"Wouldn't anyway. It's already hard enough to get you to help me train. Any way how long did it take me this time?"

"7 seconds."

"Nice, 3 second less than last time," Tomoe said pulling out a brown book and writing his time down. Gaara eyed the book, not believing Tomoe still has that after all these years. Tomoe looked up. "Yes, I still have this. Carry it with me everywhere. It helps me keep track of my experiments and progress on my abilities."

Gaara nodded and walked off the training field towards Suna. Tomoe put his notebook away and jogged to his best friends side. They walked to town is silence. When they entered the townspeople scattered at the sight of Gaara, afraid of Sunas' "Monster." They gossiped about him and how they felt bad that Tomoe was always around him, despite how he was such a nice boy. The boys ignored the gossip, like they did everyday. A few brave people greeted Tomoe, ignoring Gaara, in a cheery manner. Girls peeked out behind building to stare at the boy they liked and wished they could get closer, but the fear of the red head was to great to do so. 

Everyday was like this since the boys became friends. How they became friends was no mystery. When Tomoe first meant Gaara was at the training fields. Gaara was at first confused why Tomoe was not afraid of him, then grew frustrated everytime he failed to kill Tomoe. Though Gaara avoided Tomoe, his attempts were futile, for Tomoe wanted to know why everyone so afraid of Gaara. Even after Tomoe found out, he still failed to see why everyone was afraid of Gaara. From that day on the boys friendship grew into an unbreakable one.

But the mysterious thing about these boys friendship was that the villagers didn't know what they did. People have seen the boys trying to kill each other or just sitting around doing nothing. The villagers never saw them in conversation, playing games, or do anything normal 12 year old boys would do. Yet all the villagers knew that neither of the boys were normal.

Tomoe opened up a door to a bakers shop and walked in. Gaara stood outside the shop, for the shop owner banned Gaara from ever going in.

"Hello Tomoe," the clerk greeted. Tomoe walked up to the counter.

"Hello," Tomoe greeted. "Is my mother in?"

The clerk fronted and shook his head.

"She was earlier, but not now."

"Why? Did something happen?"

"I don't know. She was just fine up until a grey haired fella walked in. Soon as she seen him, she ran out the back door. I swear I never seen your mother move that fast in all time the I that I have known her," the clerk said shaking his head. Tomoe looked horror struck.

"Did that grey hair man wear glasses and have his hair in a ponytail?" Tomoe whispered.

"Yes, he did and he like he was only a couple years older than you. What's going on Tomoe?" The clerk questioned worriedly. Tome clenched his fists.

"That man that came earlier works for my father. Mother must have recognized him and fled," Tomoe explained. The clerk eyes grew wide.

Many knew that Tomoes father was a bad man and his mother was hiding from him. Yet, no one knew the story of how Tomoe parents meant, the extent of their relationship, they knew nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the name of Tomoes father.

Tomoe left the bakery and did not say another word. The clerk watch Tomoe walk away and Gaara following right behind him. The boys walked towards Tomoes' house, which was just on the edge of Suna. As they approached the house a young woman came running out. She looked towards the boys and sprinted towards them.

"Tomoe!" The woman yelled hugging Tomoe tightly. "I am so glad you are okay! I was so worried!"

Tomoe hugged the frantic woman bak, trying to get her to calm down.

"It's okay mom. I am perfectly fine," he said. The woman, Ayami Misaki, looked at he beloved son with teary eyes. Then at Gaara.

"Hello Gaara, it's nice to see you again," Ayami said. Gaara nodded and looked at Tomoe. The boys had silent conversation between them, after they looked away from each other Gaara walked away and Tomoe guided his mother back inside. Tomoe entered the house to see that half of it was already packed.

"So, we are leaving," Tomoe said. His mother nodded.

"Yes, we are. I know you do not want to move, you never do, but-"

"No need to explain it mom, I already know. I knew this day was coming, it always does, this one just took longer. So when are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow, the sooner the better. No need to worry, you will be able to say goodbye to Gaara, long as we get this place packed, cleaned, and get ready to go before noon tomorrow."

Tomoe nodded. The walked into the kitchen grabbing a box on the way.

Ayami and Tomoe hated to moving, leaving the homes they come to love and people the come to care for. But it was critical for them to do so, to move every time one of his lackeys was spotted in town, to keep Tomoe unknown and Ayami safe. After all Tomoe poked like the younger version of his father and Ayami courard at the very mention of his name.

For if Tomoe was ever found by his father, he surely would be taken away from his mother. And that is the last thing Tomoe would ever let happen.

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