The Ruby Necklace

As a high school girl ventures through an unfamiliar world, she discovers many unexpected friends and an almost impossible task ahead.

Anabelle Brown has never been the popular type, so when she finds herself trapped in the magical world of Fantasia, her curiousity leads her forward and she finds herself face to face with the first real person she sees, Leanne Cannon.

Leanne Cannon is the princess of the Fire Palace and the head warrior of the Fantasian army. When she gets trapped by the dark forces of the Dark Queen and a young girl, still oblivious to the world around her, rescues Leanne she finds herself working hand in hand the the girl, Anabelle Brown.

(unfinished description)


1. Prologue



The Dark Queen looked into the gleaming bowl of bright green liquid, her face reflecting in the glowing green. She turned her head to meet the eyes of the small, scared man she was about to slaughter, her victim. His hazel eyes were dilated with fear. She looked at him with no sympathy or remorse as she took out a small pocket knife and aimed for the throat.

The knife was special, it would suck the spirit out of a person, no blood, just no soul, which means no life and no heartbeat. The soul usually was the thing that left the body to either join heaven, or hell, and may or may not reincarnate in another body, but if the spirit was taken and put into captivity, than it will never be released unless the person that captured it decides to let it go.

After the body’s spirit was successfully driven out, she took out a small cup and filled it with the spirit to the brim, smiling as she watched the almost invisible gases sucked into the cup. She took the cup carefully, walked to the bowl, and dumped it in with no second thought, she could see the spirit fighting to be free, but was sucked inside the cauldron, and would never be seen again. Slowly, the neon green in the bowl melted into a hay yellowish color.

    She looked at her completed masterpiece of a potion. It would make her more powerful than she already was. She would have all the powers in Fantasia. The Dark Queen thought back to her plan, the plan to destroy Fantasia castle’s protection bubble with her newfound power, this would put the whole of Fantasia into chaos, giving her enough time to take over Fantasia. The corners of her lips turned up.

    She took a spoon and dumped the small bowl of yellow liquid to a cup and dumped it down her throat, holding her breath to block out the bitter taste. She’d risked so much for this, even her own family! Power was something more than love to her, and only the demons understood that, so she was forced to become allies with th gruesome creatures.

    The Dark Queen felt a strong power suddenly tingle between her fingertips a few seconds after she drank the potion. She smiled yet again, she should be able to control all four elements with the power of the potion. She tried each and was successful. Leaves sprouted from the ground when she willed it to, a small tornado formed when she made circles in the air with her finger, fists of water shot from her own hand when she pointed at something, and lastly, a fire burned on her palm.

    She took a short walk to the Fantasia Castle as her hands were caressing the smooth protective bubble of the city. It’d been the same as before, neither repelling her or letting her through, just like glass, but she knew from the looks of it, the protective bubble was much more powerful. She knew she could remember what she destroyed and forever savor the feeling of destruction she felt right now.

    The Dark Queen pulled away her fingers and started to power up a ball that would be fired at the protective bubble, forever destroying it.  

The Dark Queen put all her strength into it, and slowly, a ball of all four elements started forming, slowly getting bigger. Soon, it was the size of an average pearl, that was the moment she hurled the multi-element ball towards the glimmering forcefield.

    When it made contact, there was a sizzling sound before the whole glass cage collapsed. People started streaming out of the doors everywhere. Someone got a glimpse of her and passed it to everyone around him. She knew that the information they were passing around would be useless, since she had inherited so much power.

    After the Dark Queen successfully completed her plan, she rested, thinking that nothing would be able to ever stop her, that she was invincible, but in truth, the disturbance that the Dark Queen caused had sent a message to a girl far away. She started the first great prophecy. She had opened the a pathway to the opposite world, the first passage in the past million years.

She should have known that there was someone watching, someone who knew her every move. She should’ve known that heroes only rise when evil has struck. She should have known that all of her actions would have grave consequences.  

For this, the Dark Queen would forever remain in the history of Fantasia as evil, but she should know, most of all, that with power comes great responsibility, and now, the power being misused, would mean she must be dead before the balance of the world is disturbed again.

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