It all started with a simple "Hello"

Ever since Logan addmitted that he has a crx on Jasmine everyone didnt see them together anymore . When Grade 3 ended they both seperated sections for grade 4&5 ,but as Grade 6 started one game & one hello will send them in a fun,exciting and best school year they both ever had .


1. say yes say yes cause he needs to know

Jasmine POV

I am sitting on my chair looking really annoyed "I ALREADY SAID NO !!" I shouted to my frontmate ,Micheal, but he still keeps on asking "Jas do you have a crx on Logan ? Say yes say yes cause he needs to know" Micheal said . RINGGGG RINGGGG ! Micheal suddenly got up and sat on the chair beside Claire before the chinese teacher gets here . Halfway through the lesson my seat mate ,James, handed me a piece of paper he pointed to Claire and Micheal tgen to the paper i just nodded i opened the letter and inside it said : U know Jas true love never dies ~ Claire and Micheal i started writing : kk ~ Jasmine i handed the letter back after a while i recieved the letter again and it said : Jas can you please play COC so Logan is gonna donate more troops and if its a yes tnx ! ~ Micheal i turned around and nodded they smiled after that the whole day i wasnt bothered by Micheal or Claire

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