The Race Trials

"The human race is weak! We need to create a race that is powerful, conquerors, can survive all! We need to value immortality over reproduction!" Akilah Springs is a member of The Race Trials, a programme where scientists attempt to create the perfect humans, but this does not always work out, and her best friend Casey is part of the Slave Race - programme failures. Will the Master Race succeed, and what will happen to the Slave Race?


1. Prologue

The human race is weakening. We are not what we used to be. Disease is ravaging our bodies, famine and dehydration make people drop like flies. Emotion kills us as hundreds of people sacrifice themselves for the lives of others. Suicide is a high killer, as emotion consumes our very being. We are weak. People die so easily. But the strange thing is that it never used to be this way.

People used to love searching for cures, people never cared about others so much due to the intense selfishness that we used to drown in. Now, there are more diseases than scientists to cure them and they appear so rapidly that even before the last disease has been cured, another ten have been discovered. A group of world leaders ran a training programme called Project Selflessness to encourage people to care for others more, to donate, to think of others before self. This was incredibly successful and now, several generations later, the selflessness kills us. People care too much about others now, and don't bother about themselves.

We need to create a master race - one to rule them all. One set of people that do not fall prey to diseases, care for themselves and others equally, possess powers to make them stronger and to rule over the slave race. The masters can teach the slaves how to live, and we will change the human race, one generation at a time.

Welcome to The Race Trials.

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