The Odds

Not all long distance relationships are exactly like this. Some may not even be half as similar. I’m not trying to prove anything. This is just my story. This is just for those hopeless romantics- for the ones who always try to see the better in others, for those who stay up all night waiting for that promised phone call, for those who put out everything, for those who travel distances, for those who sacrifice their dreams, for those put their life on hold, for those who risk it all, for those who love just as much.


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People think that when you’re in a long distance relationship- it isn’t something sustainable; like it’s something that wouldn’t last. With all honesty, that’s how we all feel. Even those who are in the relationship have doubts throughout. And it isn’t because the other person may be having an affair of some sort, no- it’s not that at all. Mostly the reason why we feel like it’s not sustainable is because it’s a tough thing to go through every single day, it’s something that you’re in denial of, it’s something that you won’t admit to yourself that you’re having a difficult time sustaining the relationship and when that rock hits you- you start to question everything. You start asking yourself if it’s still worth it. You start thinking of all the things that either one of you could have done just so that you wouldn’t be where you are right now. But of course that stage is most likely to be felt when you’re around 8 or 9 months into the relationship. 

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