Being with my 5 idiots

This is a story about Natalie being with her 5 idiots! Which is her bestfriends! Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They're very close to each other. They always hangout, when they're bored. But between their friendship, something "love" will happen to cause problems, fights, misunderstanding and all. Will this "love" thing will break their friendship? Who knows? Read this. :)
Hey guys, this is a "One Direction" fanfiction, well not actually. Niall Horan too :) Hope you guys like it! xx


1. Normal day. As usual


Natalie's POV:


I was awoken by the loud sound of my annoying alarm clock. It says it was 7:00am. And basically, it was saturday today. Wait! Its saturday today! No school! Yay! I said to my mind. I jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom and brush my teeth, washed my face and drink my pills. Because i have "social phobia" (social anxiety disorder) which is whenever i do things for the first time, i always get nervous to it. Anyways, forget that! I went to my closet and got dressed into my grey sweat pants, and with my pink top, and i tie my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. Just when i got there, i smell something delicious. And saw my mom making us (my siblings,dad and i) some breakfast. Bacons, eggs, and pancakes! Yum!

"Goodmorning sweetie" my mom greeted.

"Morning mom!" I greeted back.

"Smells good. yum" i said,

"Yea, yea, its your favorite!" she said.

"where's dad?" i asked.

"Hmm, he's still sleeping i guess" she guessed and said.

"Mind if you call him up? So as your brother and sister?"

"Sure! I'd love to wake them, mom! hahaha" i said and laugh.

Mom just shook her head of my silliness. I went upstairs to my little brother's room. As i sneak in, i heard his soft snores. I tipped toe, trying not to wake him up. When i got to her bed, i found his toy truck and pushed the button to make a sound. He groaned but he didn't woke up. "WAKEY WAKEY UP LITTLE BRO!!" i shouted near his right ear, and he jumped in shock as i laughed hard, falling on the floor. He looked pissed and he frowns. I slowly stopped laughing by his sad frown.

"Why did you wake me up by that?" he softy said with his cute little voice.

"Aww. i'm sorry little boo. Just wanted to surprise you" i said, copying his voice

"You're a bad sister!" he said and crossed his little arms in his chest

"Oh, okay then. I guess i'm not going to give you some toys then" i playfully rolled my eyes and flipped my hair

"Nah. I was just kidding" he said laughing

"That's what i thought" i said. and he playfully stick his tongue out and i did too

"Hey, mrs. mom made you breakfast!" i said in my 'fake' excitement as i acted.

"Yay!" he said and hugs me.

In his excitement he runs downstairs to the kitchen. He's so cute! He's only 6 years old though. But his mind is full of maturity. not really but he's smart. His name is James Kian Williams. He's my little brother, he had a brownish black hair like me. Brunettes eyy? Proud to be. Oh i forgot to wake my sister up! She's younger than me and older than our little brother. She's only 10 years old. She had this blondish-brownish hair color. I can't even explain what color it was. But i'm really jealous of her hair. And her hair was curly-straight. Like a spring but soft. She loves to dance, she love color pink and cute stuffs. She loves to be a model! Oooh, fashionista! Her name is Kristienne Lilly Williams.

Anyways, i walked towards her bedroom which is beside jame's room. I sneak my head out to her bedroom door and i saw her in her mirror table sitting and brushing her hair with her ear phones on. probably listening to music. Oh shoot! How am i going to scare her with that. "Damn it!" i silently cursed out. "Hey" she said looking at me and putting her ear phones out of her ears

"Hey! mom made us some breakfast! Hurry up sleeping beauty!" i calmly said, teasing her.

"Yeah. okay. i'll be down for a sec!" she said, loving the name 'sleeping beauty' i said earlier

"Okay the-" i was cut off by her

"Why do you need to sneak out in my room, natie?" she adorably asked

"Nothing. Wake you up? yea?" i said

"Really? just waking me up?" she said with a cheeky smile in her face

"Ugh. fine! I was about to scare you UP dummy!" i said and rolled my eyes

"Haha. That's what i thought" she laughs and said and i rolled my eyes once again as she went down to the kitchen I suddenly feel my stomach grumbling and i realized i was really, really hungry. As i remembered dad. Great! The hungry pig needs to wake her dad now! As i groaned quietly and went to his and mom's room beside jame's room on the left. When i opened their door, i've seen no one. wtf? no one? where the heck dad is? "daddy? where are you?" i said playfully. But no one answers. I'm about to step out to the room, but i suddenly felt two big arms around my waist hugging me. I knew it was dad.

"Morning little natalie" he greeted. i laughed at the way he called me "little natalie" he still treating me like his little girl. Well, i guess i'm a daddy's girl, "Morning Mr. dad" and he let go off of me. "how are you sweetie?" he asked. "I'm fine. Breakfast is ready! I'm hungry mr. dad! hurry" i playfully said running downstairs and saw mom, james and kris eating. Mr. dad and i joined them eating too. Man, i'm really hungry, mom gave me my food and i'm ready to chug in!

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