Even More Imagines

This book is mainly going to be my requested personal imagines from all of my blogs, feel free to make your own :)

I'm going to leave the rating as green until I find it necessary to raise it based on my requests.


1. Request!

Hello my love! I am doing something that wasn't ever apart of my plan, and that is making PERSONAL imagines just for you! Request yours and I'll do it as quickly as I can. If you want to get to know my writing style and see things that I've done check out my other stories.


Just to make things easier send you requests to my blog email: shelisnotonfire@gmail.com

there you can request an imagine with WHOMEVER you wish and all I need is for you to do is to answer these short questions:

1. Your Name/Age

2. Who you want your imagine with

3. A situation (What would you like to happen?)

3. []Cute []Dirty []Other:________

4.And a few things about you that I can make it a bit more personal for you such as looks, personality, style, things you like to do, and any anything else that you would like to be involved in the story.





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