Oh my Hemmimgs


1. Chapter One



19 years old

Brown blonde ombré hair

Has job as assistant to a fashion designer

No college

But graduated high school

Lives with her friend named Kat because Skylars parents died

Nickname is Sky

Lives near Hollywood

Skylars POV

"Kat! Wake up! You need to drive me to the subway""ugh one more minuite" me and Kat are kind of like sisters but we are just bestfriends that are very lucky.


"Are you almost done in there?" "One sec" I looked in the mirror. I was wearing a mid thigh, high waisted, floral skirt, Bethany Mota motavator crop top, and white converse. I applied light makeup and was out the door. When we got to the subway, Kat dropped me off and said "do you have money?" "Yeah, thanks though." I mumbled "sure, be safe babe" "okay, I will bye"

When I got into the subway I went over to my usual pole. I always ride this subway. After about three minuites the bus screeched and started to slow but didn't stop. The lights went out and I heard screams (me being one of them) Two strong hands wrapped around my waist and an Australian accent whispered in my ear "It's okay, your safe"

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