Where There Is Desire

To see or not to see. That is the job given to the Undertaker. It is a frightening job, and requires long training and conditioning. What does this Undertaker do, you ask? Well, that is a complicated question, but the easiest way to describe it would be to say this. The Undertaker travels into the Land of the Cursed and deals out punishment, goes into the Veil of the Unborn and gives them guidance, then sifts through the souls of the Dead and sorts them into their appropriate resting places. The catch to all of this? It all must be done in the night. So, while the rest of the world sleeps soundly, the Undertaker and his apprentice must journey all over the three planes of life and death, seeking out the souls that need mandating. Quite a qualified job, don't you think?


1. Prologue - This Is How the World Began

Welcome, observer. You are about to enter a furious world, one where chaos began its reign so many eons ago. Be warned, there is much danger here. Leave now, if you can, but stay if you must. You aren't afraid? Well, you should be. There are dark forces at work here, forces that are more trouble than benefit. You have had a warning. Let that guide your decisions here.


There is much chaos in each plane of our dimension. You must learn these dimensions. The Land of the Cursed, the Veil of the Unborn and the Abyss of the Dead. Each has its own demons, personality and moods. Someone must be there to keep the chaos in line, hanging in the balance. But who? The Undertaker, of course. He and his apprentice restore order to each dimension, but during their sleep. So, while the world peacefully sleeps, they are off keeping it safe. To prepare you for your Undertaking, if it comes to the day, we will follow the story of the current Undertaker and his apprentice, who is special in an obvious way, but on a deeper level as you will see later.


Are you still ready for this, observer?


If yes, then let's begin your first lesson.

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