Heartbreak Girl [L. Hemmings]

"This is exactly what I knew would happen, and that's exactly why I hid it from him."

Sequel up soon!


1. Chapter 1

Callie's POV 
"But what happened to us being in love Cody?" I asked with tears streaming down my face. "Things change. I found someone else a long time ago that I'm in love with, and it's not you!" he says as he walks out the door and to his car.
Cody is my boyfriend, well was my boyfriend. We had been together for a year and all along he would tell me he was in love with me when really he was in love with another girl. He was cheating on me and I found out because he had been acting weird, so he went to the bathroom and left his phone on his text messages. I read them, he was texting a girl named Elisabeth and telling her he loves her. Well I brought it up, that ended up in a fight and now he's gone. Forever.
As I set here on the couch, heartbroken and all alone I know who to call. My best friend Luke Hemmings, he always makes me feel better!


Authors Note!! 

Hi, so I am also writing this on wattpad, incase you have one and might have seen this fanfic before! Also the chapters start out kind of short but get longer as they go on! Hope you all enjoy!

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