My life in a not so wonderfull wonderland


1. Prologue



Selena was standing next to my bed. Just standing there not saying anything, like she used to. No "what the hell are you doing with your life?", "Why is you lazy ass still glued to that bed?" or "you're not even trying, are you?". No just standing looking at me.


-"what is it, Selena?"

I said tiresome rolling over and looked into the wall.  Nothing. Not a sound. The silence was horrifying. I could feel a cold hand grabbing my stomach.


-"Say something, you idiot!"

I sat up and faced her.



She turned on her heel and left.


-"what's up with her?"

I heard Mias little and happy voice.


-"I have no idea"

I said and laid back down. Mia hopped over to the chair by the window.


-"you seem down. What's up?"

She sat upside-down in the chair and looked at me with those big round eyes only she could make.


-"I'm just tired, that's all"

I said and closed my eyes. 

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