Sick Little Lamb

“Hello Kou…We’re the same person." Senda Kou, a young boy who's lived with a secret most of his life that no one knows about. His parents, not even his teachers know about. The secret that is welled up inside of his mind that he named “Lilia”. Yes, the secret is his other personality. The boy never questioned where that being came from. All he’s ever known was that he’s had him in his mind for as long as he remembered. But, why was the being created to begin with? Why couldn’t he remember? What was so wrong that cause the boy’s mind to break? The only person he can turn to for those answers isn’t the being himself. But a teacher that he meets who claims to know everything. But,the boy knows that everything comes with a price. So what will he ask for in return? Can he even trust him? Even after the being accuses the man of doing something disturbingly unpredictable to the boy? Who does he believe? The being that’s been with him for most of his life? Or the man who claims to know him?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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