Never Again

Lucy is still in shock from her last night with her boyfriend Josh the manipulating liar


1. chapter 1- At the party

'' THE PARTY.'' I don't want to go to the party any more, I said to my best friend Mia, You have to go, Josh is gonna be there,Mia screamed at me. Just because Josh is my boyfriend doesn't mean he is always there for me, for the past one week he has been acting like i was crap to him and its really annoying, if he doesn't like me any more we might as well breakup cause am tried of all this rubbish,I cried to Mia. "Lucy don't cry he will me there.'' Mia that's what you always say, am tried of believing that, I said crying. Just stop crying and put on some make-up and a cute dress and lets hit that party, with or without him I promise you that we will have fun, Mia said to me wiping my eyes a tissue. I got up from the bed and washed my face and did as she told me to, I put on some make-up and wore my short polka-dotted dress and packed my hair into an urban ponytail, and I and Mia left for the party. We finally arrived there at where the party was hosted at, there were so much people there, the music was very loud and a lot of food and drinks everywhere, it looked like everyone there was having fun except for me. Mia left me the by the bar and went to get a drink, I turned around to search if Josh was there, as-usual he wasn't there even though he said he was going to come, so I just tried putting my self together. Suddenly some girls from the same school, Lena, Jessie and Beth came to me and said they were so happy that I came and pulled me to dance. Mia saw us and joined us, then Lena was like guess who is here? Chris brown? Jessie asked. You fool no, Lucy's boyfriend Josh said Beth. Go say hi to him Lucy, said all the girls. Before I could go there he came towards me and pecked me right on my left cheek and said hi, I said hi back too, we sat down and had a drink and I told him my problem with him, he apologised and everything was back to normal. After hours of the party it finally ended and Josh drop I and Mia home, kissed me and he left. We waited for him to drive away, then I and Mia screamed with joy.
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